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Small Spaces, Big Solutions, pg. 154
Feel boxed in by a hard-to-organize, cramped room? Three Chicago-area makeovers show how you can make every inch count.

Ah, Wilderness!, pg. 168
For the Bailis family of Colorado, their remote and snowy mountain home calms them, exhilarates them, and challenges them (a daily 2 1/2-mile snowmobile commute, anyone?).

While You Were Out..., pg. 176
This time of year, nothing's better than a steaming, hearty meal. But who has time for simmering? With a slow cooker, you do. Eight recipes that almost cook themselves.

The New Easy, pg. 186
Yes, a sweatshirt and faded jeans are comfortable weekend wear ― but you don't actually want to be seen in them. Add style and stay relaxed with these chic wardrobe upgrades.

A Logical Choice, pg. 192
Costa Rica or Cancun? Chicken or fish? Making decisions doesn't have to be tough. Here, five strategies to help you discover what you really want.

Life Guide


  • How to find a good plumber, contractor, house cleaner... pg. 73
  • Trash cans for every household, pg. 79

  • Easy-to-apply nail polishes that shine on, pg. 85
  • Key grooming tools for the face, hands, and feet, pg. 91

  • Body-building personal trainers, pg. 97
  • Focus on eye health, pg. 103
  • The ins and outs of acupuncture, pg. 111

  • Best on-line clothing sites, pg. 119
  • Dressing tips to slim wide hips, pg. 127

  • Salts of the earth and the sea, pg. 131
  • Juicy cuisine: the best canned tomatoes, pg. 137

  • Protecting yourself against identity theft, pg. 143

    The Organizer
  • Check Real Simple's Shelf-Life Periodic Table to find out what you can keep and what you'd better toss ― now ― whether it's half a jar of Grey Poupon or a leftover can of paint., pg. 149


In Every Issue

  • Thoughts, pg. 12
  • Why Not... , pg. 20
  • Editor’s Note, pg. 36
  • Contributors, pg. 44
  • Your Words, pg. 47
    What obligation have you eliminated from your schedule, and how did you do it?
  • Credits, pg. 218
  • Real Complex, pg. 220
  • Products of the Month, pg. 55
    A highlighter pen with built-in Post-it notes, a collapsible tote
  • Modern Manners, pg. 57
    Knocked over your host's Waterford vase? How to make amends
  • Housekeeping Helpers, pg. 58
  • No-sweat rubber gloves, environmentally friendly wipes, and more
  • New Uses for Old Things, pg. 60
    A comb and a clothespin can accomplish so much more than you knew
  • Easy Upgrades, pg. 64
  • Spruce up your walls with new switch plates
  • Fake It, Don’t Make It, pg. 66
    Cheese Fondue