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By Real Simple
Updated August 10, 2004
William Waldron


Look Your Best in Less Time, pg. 130
Real women share their secrets for a streamlined routine ― in the morning, in the evening, and on the go.

Our Town, pg. 138
In a close-knit Vermont community, Wendy Leeds found a life worth living and a deep appreciation for the gifts each day brings.

Working Wardrobes That Really Work, pg. 146
New job, new wardrobe, new you. Four women take stock of their clothes so they can dress for success with confidence, style, and ease.

One Room, One Weekend, $1,000, pg. 154
A Real Simple makeover shows how to give your living room a pulled-together look without breaking your back ― or the bank.

Your Cup of Tea, pg. 160
Find out how versatile tea can be with these recipes for tea-flavored appetizers, main courses, and desserts ― plus a guide to tea varieties, from Early Grey to oolong.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 171
A three-day vegetarian dinner plan: Savory Thyme Tart, Spinach and Acorn Squash “Ravioli,” Asparagus-Spinach Pancakes and more.


In Every Issue

  • Thoughts, pg. 12
  • Why Not..., pg. 20
  • Editor's Note, pg. 28
  • Contributors, pg. 30
  • Your Words, pg. 43
    What is your most pressing financial concern, and how are you addressing it?
  • Credits, pg. 196
  • Real Hard, pg. 198
  • Healthy Habit, pg. 49
    Adding fiber to your diet
  • Easy Upgrades, pg. 50
    Electronic labeler
  • Cleaning Up, pg. 52
    Books, lampshades, frames, comforters, graters
  • The Organized Life, pg. 54
    A ready-for-anything gym bag.
  • Garden Guide, pg. 56
    Repotting houseplants
  • New Uses for Old Things, pg. 58
    Double-duty household products
  • Fake It, Don't Make It, pg. 60
    Shepherd’s Pie

Life Guide


  • A take-care-of-yourself gatefold calendar, 67
  • The coziest slippers, 76
  • Shopping for vintage clothing, 81
  • Helping kids with homework, 87
  • How to Bargain, 113
  • Antidepressants and their side effects, 95
  • The best toasters and toaster ovens, 101
  • Pumping up store-bought pasta sauces, 107
  • Folding fundamentals, 119
  • Life Lessons, pg. 179
    Learning to laugh about life’s tragedies gives us the strength to overcome them, says Jill McCorkle. One woman’s guide to grief relief.
  • Wise Woman, pg. 184
    Karen Miller-Kovach, chief scientist for Weight Watchers International.
  • “I Do” Without Debt, pg. 187
    Real Simple’s advisers help a young couple budget for their wedding and for life after the honeymoon.
  • Nah, Nope, No Way, pg. 192
    Learn to say no, nicely, and you’ll be free to say yes to the things that matter to you most.