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Updated August 27, 2004
William Waldron


Have You Lost Your Mind or Just Your Keys, pg. 84
We all have moments of forgetfulness. When is it something to worry about? And what can you do to get better at remembering?

Your 4 Most Vexing Storage Problems: Solved, pg. 90
Find what you want when you want it. With expert organizing advice ― for the kitchen, living room, closet, and desk ― you'll reap the rewards of orderly living.

Best Dresses, pg. 100
For a simple, sexy, tied-together look, put on a classic wrap dress and mix and match it with a few well-chosen accessories.

What Makes Debbie Run, pg. 106
With a schedule where every second counts, Senator Debbie Stabenow remains remarkably accessible to her constituents and her family ― and she even finds time to sing. Discover her secret.

Prepare to Share, pg. 112
Potlucks are the ultimate in low-stress entertaining, promising easy prep and easier cleanup. Real Simple sets out eight fresh recipes, as well as planning tips and more, for guests and hosts.

3 Days, 3 Dinners, pg. 123
A weekday meal plan that lets you shop for three meals at once and cook ahead ― a spicy kickoff to a new series of Real Simple menus.


  • Cleaning Up, pg. 33
    Sparkling glassware
  • Product of the Month, pg. 34
    Making easy work of hardwood floors
  • Easy Upgrades, pg. 40
    A better lightbulb
  • The Organized Life, pg. 40
    A well-weeded wallet
  • Fake It, Don't Make It, pg. 44
  • Lasagna in 45 minutes
  • PLUS: A robe for the road, dishwasher secrets, kitchen tricks, and more...

Simple Info

  • System, pg. 47
    Grocery shopping
  • Food, pg. 51
    Popcorn picks
  • Garden, pg. 55
    Essential tools
  • Fitness, pg. 61
    Fun cardio workouts
  • Tech, pg. 66
    Cell-phone alternatives
  • Clothes, pg. 69
    Jeans for every body
  • Beauty, pg. 77
    Best blushes
  • Health, pg. 80
    Home medical library


  • Wise Woman, pg. 131
    An Oregon judge and mother of five sons shares insights on meaningful work and raising self-sufficient men.
  • Priorities, pg. 132
    A young couple's marriage is challenged by job loss, debt, and a new baby. A team of advisers offer strategies to get them back on track.
  • Life Lessons, pg. 137
    When her young Chinese-born daughter embraces Irish dance, a mother learns something about the nature of identity.
  • Life Coach, pg. 142
    You're not alone in feeling lonely, says Geri Larkin. Owning up to this most stubborn emotion is the first step in chasing it away.

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  • Thoughts, pg. 12
  • Editor's Note, pg. 18
  • Letters, pg. 26