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By Real Simple
Updated September 03, 2004
Ellen Silverman


Counting the Minutes , pg. 234
The best timesaving systems come from the people who need them most. Here, a celebration of streamlining tricks and tips from (and for) busy women everywhere.

A Few Bright Ideas, pg. 242
Is there one dark, depressing room in your home? Stop living in the shadows and let there be light, with some surprisingly simple steps.

Seven Supper Salads , pg. 252
When it's baking, broiling, and steaming outside, forget about those activities in the kitchen. Whole-meal salads are the coolest thing for summer suppers.

Father Figure , pg. 268
A young woman who was adopted as a baby searches for her birth parents but ends up reaching higher on the family tree to make that biological connection.

Breaking It In , pg. 260
From tight shoes to unbending in-laws, a lot of things in life could use some loosening up. Real Simple shows you how to make things (and people) easier to live with ― pronto.

Meals Made Easy , pg. 285
Quick-cooking pork cutlets create five hearty meals: juicy Pork Scaloppine today, hot Cuban Sandwiches tomorrow, and three more quick dishes whenever you like.

Life Guide


  • Three-step at-home pedicure, pg. 81
  • Beauty products to go, pg. 85
  • Essential sun protection, pg. 91
  • The best backyard seating, pg. 99
  • Planters for any garden, pg. 105
  • A summer's worth of plates and cups, pg. 115
  • Conquering household odors, pg. 121
  • Get fluent in body language, pg. 127
  • Host a party (and keep your cool) , pg. 135
  • The who, what, and when of tipping, pg. 147
  • Keeping track of your things, pg. 155
  • Summer outfits with polish, pg. 167
  • Foot-friendly sandals, pg. 173
  • Warm-weather dresses for every body, pg. 177
  • Headache pain: causes and cures, pg. 183
  • A medical glossary, pg. 189
  • Nutrition in a nutshell, pg. 197
  • Global cuisine made easy ― and healthy, pg. 207
  • Beefless burgers deluxe, pg. 213
  • Adding spice with salsa, pg. 219
  • Car clutter driving you crazy? Take control ― from the front seat to the way back ― with these clever organizing products. pg. 225


In Every Issue

  • Thoughts, pg. 12 Pleasure
  • Why Not... , pg. 18
  • Editor’s Note, pg. 32
  • Contributors, pg. 35
  • Your Words, pg. 39
    How do you make time for yourself?
  • Credits, pg. 318
  • Real Complex, pg. 322
  • Real Simple to Go, pg. 324
  • Gift Guide, pg. 47
    Don't let summer gift-buying obligations imprison you in some over-air-conditioned mall. Real Simple has found 40 great presents (including four group gifts) that will please all the people on your list.
  • Father’s Day, pg. 48
  • Weddings, pg. 54
  • Graduations, pg. 61
  • Thank You’s, pg. 66
  • Real Mission, pg. 295
    As a child, Emily Spivack watched her mother fight four bouts of cancer. As an adult, Emily founded Shop Well With You, to help women with cancer find clothing that lets them look good and feel better.
  • Hope Floats, pg. 297
    Living on a boat was never writer Jennie Green's dream; it was her husband's. But now she's glad she climbed aboard.
  • Separate But Equal, pg. 305
    Newlywed Aimee Fitzgerald earns more money and has more assets than her husband. Real Simple's advisers help the couple determine whether ― and how ― they should merge their finances.
  • Breaking Bad Habits, pg. 313
    Are you addicted to white chocolate instead of working out? Sheila Heen shows you how to understand your bad habit and conquer it.