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By Real Simple
Updated August 11, 2004
Minh & Wass


The Do-Everything Backyard, 182
Come on outside ― the weather’s fine! Bring your everyday activities to these eight instant open-air rooms.

Four Women and a Weekend, 192
Summer outfits should multi-task so we don’t have to. The skirts, dresses, and pants real women wear all season long.

Endless Summer, 198
Michelle Rose’s tea farm on the Hawaiian island of Kauai is her passion, her future home base, and the place in the world where she feels most alive.

Like a Kid Again, 206
The search for the right hair color sometimes feels never-ending. For your optimal shade, the past holds the key.

Sear Heaven, 212
Barbecues are often poke-and-smoke affairs. Slow down your grilling with these recipes and enjoy healthier food worth lingering over.

Meals Made Easy, 223
A tempting warm-weather trio: Steak with Fresh Herbs, Braised Celery with Parmesan Polenta, and Summer Beef Salad with Cilantro.

Life Guide


  • The summer outfit: tank tops, shorts, and sunglasses, pg. 75
  • Comfortable sandals for any setting, pg. 83
  • Drawstring pants that feel casual but can look dressed-up, pg. 88
  • A guide to smooth legs, underarms, and bikini lines, pg. 95
  • Makeup bargains, pg. 101
  • Bronzers for a no-risk, natural-looking tan, pg. 105
  • Portable folding chairs, pg. 111
  • Keeping clothes and linens white, pg. 117
  • The top-performing ice chests, pg. 121
  • A pre-vacation checklist for your home, pg. 125
  • Helping fruits and vegetables stay fresher longer, pg. 129
  • The best bottled salad dressings, pg. 137
  • Five twists on lemonade, pg. 143
  • Identifying and treating muscle aches and strains, pg. 147
  • Making sense of energy bars, pg. 153
  • What to ask your gynecologist, pg. 157
  • No-hassle car rentals, pg. 163
  • Toasting tips for every occasion and any audience, pg. 169
  • Tired of saying good-bye to everything you lend out? Hang on to what’s yours with these 17 labeling strategies, pg. 175


In Every Issue

  • Thoughts, pg. 10
  • Why Not..., pg. 16
  • Editor's Note, pg. 30
  • Contributors, pg. 32
  • Your Words, pg. 41
    How is the Internet helpful to you, and what is your favorite website?
  • Credits, pg. 266
  • Real Hard, pg. 268
    A Chance of Showers
  • Graduation, pg. 50
    Help her prepare for what’s next ― whether it’s college, travel, or the real world.
  • Wedding, pg. 58
    From the practical to the delectable, items for every type of couple.
  • Father's Day, pg. 64
    Whatever Dad’s into ― the latest fashion or the latest gadget ― there’s something here to show him he’s appreciated.
  • A Girl Could Stand Up, pg. 233
    An excerpt from a new novel by Leslie Marshall proves that overcoming procrastination is well worth the trouble.
  • Life Lessons, pg. 245
    Beth Kephart’s world was literally falling apart ― until two car accidents put everything back in its rightful place.
  • Wise Woman, pg. 250
    Former Pentagon army logistics deputy Jo Condrill on change, personal goals, and living life in troubled times.
  • Green Pastures, pg. 253
    A family’s move from city to country made life calmer, but there was a financial price. How to make simplicity affordable.
  • Should You Stay, or Should You Go, pg. 261
    A relationship is always a work in progress, but sometimes couples wonder if it’s worth the effort. When to stay involved ― and when to get out.