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Updated May 03, 2007
Real Simple June 2007
Credit: Deborah Jaffe

On the Cover

  • The Season’s Best Handbags, pg. 87
  • Twelve great-looking summer bags that can carry you through till fall.
  • Summer Parties, Simplified, pg. 254
  • Start with a stunning table: easy decorating ideas for three low-cost, low-stress patio gatherings.
  • A Mexican Fiesta, pg. 262
  • Celebrate any occasion (or invent one, if you have to) with make-your-own burritos, a piñata, and (yes!) margaritas.
  • Staying Young ― at Any Age, pg. 270
  • A head-to-toe roundup of the latest research on how to grow old healthfully.
  • Your Summer Foot and Shoe Guide, pg. 278
  • Heel pain? Swelling? Revive and pamper summer-weary soles. (Plus, a sandals Road Test, page 217.)
  • Plus the Best...

In This Issue


  • With three simple rules, learn how to mix prints and patterns, pg. 95




  • Practical strategies for finding medical advice online, pg. 167
  • Exercises for shapely arms, pg. 181


  • The best classic and new albums to update your music collection, pg. 187
  • Common couple crises, solved, pg. 197


  • Five Easy Dinners, pg. 295
  • Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 310

In Every Issue

Simple Solutions, pg. 57
Using your marbles to cover the dirt (and other new uses for old things); when to replace car tires; the origin of Popsicles; and more.

Road Tests, pg. 215

Real Inspiration, pg. 37
Bring the sea inside. Decorating with shells and beach-inspired objects can instantly turn the tide in your home.

The Organizer, pg. 141
In a hallway, a mudroom is created. Real Simple paves the way.

Thoughts, pg. 8

Your Words, pg. 45
What’s your favorite piece of advice from your father? Real Simple readers share Dad’s wise words.

Life Lessons, pg. 79
Can a dedicated vagabond settle down for good? One writer explores the idea of home.

The Motivator, pg. 247
How to make yourself unforgettable.

Growing Together, pg. 284
Hibiscuses and friendships blossom when a group of neighbors tear down backyard borders in favor of a common garden space.

Real Life, pg. 318
Meet Real Simple reader Chandra Blackwell, a greeting-card editor who also plays a wicked conga drum.

Why Not?, pg. 12
Contributors, pg. 30
Editor's Note, pg. 33
Credits, pg. 316
Real Simple to Go, pg. 320