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John Kernick

How to Win, pg. 39
No, winning isn’t everything…but it sure beats losing. Ten ways to triumph in work, life, and love.
Take a Shortcut, pg. 218
You never have enough time in your day, so why not spend less of it? How to get from point A to point B faster ― and with better results.
Dishing with Dad, pg. 226
Bean baker or grillmaster, the fathers of six Real Simple staffers share their best recipes (and some words to eat by).
The Great Paint Makeover, pg. 236
Grab a paintbrush. Get out that spray can. A step-by-step guide to transforming nearly any surface in your home.
The Age of Innocence, pg. 246
In recounting an early summer memory, eight writers find that childhood is not all that far away. Something about summertime, after all, brings out the kid in everyone.

Less = More, pg. 252
Paring down a beauty regimen and throwing out outmoded techniques can give you a fresh, modern look. Inside: five women before and after their makeunders.

The Guide

Flip-flops for the beach and beyond, pg. 105
White pants for every figure, pg. 111
Save time by buying in bulk, pg. 119
 Fans to cool down any space, pg. 125
Plastic-wrap primer, pg. 131
 Best cordless drills, pg. 137
Fast, foolproof steps for a safe summer glow, pg. 145
Efficient ways to get rid of unwanted hair, pg. 153
Tell seasonal pests to bug off, pg. 161
The stomach-flattening crunch, deconstructed, pg. 171
Top-rated health newsletters, pg. 177
The just-right guide for any traveler, pg. 185
 How to disagree (without being disagreeable), pg. 191
 The Organizer, pg. 203
 Moving. The very word inspires a feeling of dread. But these strategies and tips will help you break the job into manageable parts ― so you can get it over and move on. 

In Every Issue

  • Why Not?, pg. 14
  • Contributors, pg. 34
  • Editor’s Note, pg. 36
  • Credits, pg. 294
  • Real Simple To Go, pg. 298


The All-Occasion Summer Gift Guide, pg. 57
Summertime, and the shoppin’ is…not so easy. But don’t worry: Real Simple’s editors have sorted through a world of choices and come up with 38 great gifts sure to help you rise to any of the season’s occasions ― whether it’s Father’s Day, a June wedding, or just a heartfelt thank-you for a lovable Little League coach.

  • Father’s Day, pg. 59
  • Weddings, pg. 64
  • Graduations, pg. 72
  • Thank-yous, pg. 84


Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 264
A week’s worth of quick, easy-to-fix dinners, pg. 269
 The Road Test
 Real Simple finds the tastiest bottled iced teas, pg. 281
 The Staple
 Nine fun, effortless desserts that start with vanilla ice cream, pg. 285


Thoughts, pg. 8
 Your Words, pg. 49
What is your most useful shortcut?
 What Cost Friendship?, pg. 95
How the loss of a best friend over a misunderstanding about money redefined one woman’s values.
 Postscript, pg. 296
An excerpt from the memoir Where There’s a Will: Thoughts on the Good Life, by John Mortimer.