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By Real Simple
Updated May 30, 2007
Real Simple July 2007

On the Cover

12 Hot-Weather Hair Tricks, pg. 99

How to Keep the Weight Off, pg. 105

23 Ways to Beat the Heat, pg. 141

Make the Most of Summer, pg. 184

Easy Picnic Meals, pg. 204

Plus the Best...

In This Issue

Thoughts, pg. 6

Why Not?, pg. 10

Editor’s Note, pg. 27

Contributors, pg. 28

Real Inspiration
Keep your guests in high spirits by throwing an easy outdoor cocktail party. Then add a few creative twists to shake it up, pg. 31

Your Words

What’s your best summer memory?, pg. 39

Simple Solutions
Use ice cream cones to bake cupcakes (plus other new uses for old things; unstick stubborn lids with a nifty new jar opener; and more, pg. 45

The Organizer

Opening kitchen cabinets was a hazard until Real Simple picked up the pieces, pg. 149

The Motivator

Find courage from your defining moments, pg. 177

The Best of Summer
Make the most of the season―tell the scariest ghost story, prepare a classic lobster roll, catch the most fireflies, and have a blast, pg. 184

Signature Style
Make your mark―and simplify your morning routine―with a look that’s totally your own, pg. 194

Life’s a Picnic
Everything you need for a day at the beach, a meal on the road, a lunch at the playground, and a concert in the park. Don’t forget the blanket, pg. 204

Open Books
Meet five women who turn blank pages into inspiring expressions of their everyday lives, pg. 212

, pg. 252

Real Life
Meet Real Simple reader Christina-Marie Wright, pg. 258

Real Simple to Go, pg. 260

The Guide


  • Put your best foot forward with these 12 stylish sneakers, pg. 73
  • Metallic clothing and accessories to spark up your wardrobe, pg. 81
  • It’s common to gain weight as you age, but you can help prevent those pounds from creeping on. Find out how to turn back the scale, pg. 105
  • She’s so shy: confessions of a closet introvert, pg. 65
  • New gear for furry friends, pg. 113
  • Strategies to keep burglars at bay, pg. 123

Road Tests