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Ellen Silverman

Get a Handle on It, pg. 33
When you turn 40, lose a beloved pet, show up for your first day of work, or sprout a pimple at exactly the wrong time, it helps to have some coping mechanisms.
 Seize the Moment, pg. 148
The sun, the fun, and the action are all outside. Why aren’t you? The easiest ways to take indoor life’s routines ― the a.m. paper, the evening cocktail ― out to enjoy the summer.
 Peaches & Cream, pg. 154
Sweet and savory ways to improve on a summer classic, from a nutty tart to a warm shrimp salad.
 Natural History, pg. 162
For more than 40 years, an Adirondack camp has given its guests, as well as the family that runs it, a place to call home.
 Crowd Pleasers, pg. 172
Six women reveal the items that inspire compliments everywhere they go ― and offer ways you can find an attention-getter of your own.

The Guide

Tried-and-true ice cream scoops, pg. 83
Travel mugs that go the distance, pg. 89
From grocery-store clubs to DVD memberships ― when is it worth joining? pg. 93
 Everyday etiquette for parking lots, planes, stores, and beyond, pg. 103
Clever ways to hide a full stomach, pg. 113
 Pack it up: the best suitcases, cosmetics bags, and travel-friendly clothing, pg. 117
Deodorants and antiperspirants that keep sweat at bay, pg. 125
How to make sure your diet is vitamin-rich, pg. 133
 The Organizer
 Foolproof ideas to accommodate overnight guests so that everyone sleeps easy, pg. 139

In Every Issue

  • Why Not? , pg. 10
  • Contributors, pg. 28
  • Editor’s note, pg. 30
  • Credits, pg. 222
  • Real Simple to Go, pg. 226

Simple Solutions

 Healthy Habit, pg. 51
Why arguing with your husband may be good for you.
 Products of the Month, pg. 52
A healthier pasta that’s tasty too; a plant food that’s as good for the environment as it is for your blossoms.
 New Uses for Old Things, pg. 59
A coat rack shows off your necklaces; a peppermint tin protects tissues.
 Modern Manners, pg. 62
How to handle the gift-giving dilemma when you receive an invitation from someone you barely know.
 Garden Guide, pg. 64
Unroll a made-to-measure wooden walkway and upgrade your yard in a snap.
 Fake It, Don’t Make It, pg. 66
Strawberry Shortcake


Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 182
A week’s worth of quick, easy-to-fix dinners. pg. 87
Fresh takes on summer vegetables. p. 199
 The Staple
 Beyond salads: seven simple dishes that start with vinaigrette, pg. 209


Thoughts, pg. 8
 Your Words, pg. 41
What is your favorite summer ritual?
 Good-bye to All That, pg. 71
A recovering pack rat unloads a basement’s worth of possessions and finds himself in the process.
 Postscript, pg. 224
An excerpt from the memoir Riding in the Shadows of Saints: A Woman’s Story of Motorcycling the Mormon Trail, by Jana Richman.