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By Real Simple
Updated December 15, 2006
Ellen Silverman

In 15 Minutes You Can…

…Cook a Healthy Dinner, pg. 145
Talk about fast food. You can throw together a crowd-pleasing dinner in a flash with these 15 easy recipes.

…Plan a Party, pg. 108
Or write an old friend, or speed-clean your drawers. Thirty-one useful, satisfying ― and fun ― unresolutions.

…Banish a Bad Mood, pg. 67
Lift yourself out of a funk, and find a silver lining, in three surprisingly simple steps.

…Declutter Your Car, pg. 97
Feel like you’re practically living in a messy car? See what Real Simple did for one Memphis woman’s home on wheels, and get in gear to tackle yours.

…Make Easy Home Repairs, pg. 77
Quick fixes for that sticky window, the curling wallpaper, the grit that won’t quit in your favorite vase, and more.

…Dress 10 Pounds Thinner, pg. 57
Follow these tips and tricks for figure-flattering dressing, and don’t fret about missing a date with the treadmill.


The Happiest 15 Minutes of My Day, pg. 116
Meet five women who find moments of meaning in their jam- packed daily schedules.

The Guide


  • Give yourself a rejuvenating, luxuriating, pampering spa day at home in a fraction of the time, pg. 74
  • Five abbreviated stamina- and strength-building routines for exercise novices and experts alike, pg. 87
  • Whether you want a look that’s casual or formal (or something in between), give your room a “free” makeover just by rearranging the furniture, pg. 134
  • A morning standby moonlights as a dinner standout, pg. 126
  • Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 162

In Every Issue

Simple Solutions, pg. 34
Chalk keeps silver shiny (plus other time-saving new uses for old things); permission to put your feet up; and more.


  • Thoughts, pg. 2
  • Contributors, pg. 18
  • Editor’s Note, pg. 23
  • Your Words, pg. 26
  • Life Lessons, pg. 48
  • The Motivator, pg. 102
  • Credits, pg. 164
  • Real Life, pg. 166
  • Real Simple To Go, pg. 168