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Updated January 16, 2007
John Kernick

In This Issue

Real Inspiration, pg. 29
Here’s a binding insight: Books can light up a room. So shelve your preconceptions and create literate displays that speak volumes.

Simple Solutions, pg. 43
An indispensable car-battery starter (no more jumper cables!), portable paper towels, a gadget to tell you when your food has spoiled, and more.

Ditch Your Diet, pg. 162
Eat well, stay healthy, and feel great, whether you’re a dedicated cook, an all-day grazer, or someone who’s always eating on the run. Plus: Your online meal planner.

Winter Skin Survival, pg. 172
How to protect yourself from the cold, cruel weather, banish dry patches, and stay dewy till spring.

The Ground Rules, pg. 180
Do all four sofa legs really have to fit on the rug? When it comes to choosing and laying carpets, some rules are made to be broken, while others hold up beautifully.

Together for Life, pg. 190
Five couples, from newlyweds to half-century veterans, discuss the ties that bind, the habits that irk, and the ins and outs of modern marriage.

In Every Issue


  • What to do when your go-to products have changed ― for the worse. What can be saved?, pg. 69
    Web Exclusive: Beauty Expiration Dates

  • Love’s mysteries partially revealed, pg. 75
  • How to protect your heart’s health, decade by decade, pg. 85

  • All-purpose hoodies add a little zip to your spring wardrobe, pg. 97
  • Comfortable, flattering jeans for any body type, pg. 131

  • Life Lessons: A woman marries a widower and confronts his past, pg. 63
  • Make your workday work for you, pg. 105
    Web Exclusives: Career-Related Websites, Real Women Who've Changed Their Working Lives
  • Real Life: Meet Kelley Haley, pg. 224

  • When it’s worth the dough to hire a pro to fix your nagging household problems, pg. 113
  • The Organizer: A chaotic bedroom gets a sense of style (and function), pg. 121

  • Fake It, Don’t Make It: Easy Rice Pudding, pg. 203
  • Five Easy Dinners, pg. 207
  • Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 216

Also in This Issue

  • Why Not?, pg. 6
    Combat Hat Hair
    Donate Your Shoes
    Improve Your Cell Plan
    Spice Up Valentine’s
    Start a Lending Library
    Defrost Faster
  • Thoughts, pg. 10
  • Contributors, pg. 20
  • Editor’s Note, pg. 27
  • Your Words, pg. 35
    What is your secret for staying healthy?
    Web Exclusive: More of Your Secrets to Good Health
  • Road Tests, pg. 129
    Jeans, chicken noodle soup, concealers, and alarm clocks.
  • The Motivator, pg. 155
    Somebody out there dislikes you? That’s just fine.
  • Credits, pg. 221
  • Real Simple To Go, pg. 226