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Real Simple February 2005
| Credit: Sang An


Save It, Pal!, pg. 35

  • The good things in life don't last forever. Strategies for conserving gas, an open bottle of wine, your hearing, and more.

The Light Fantastic, pg. 166

  • When it comes to making a room look just right, nothing matters more than lighting. Here, how to mix different types of light so every space in your home feels exactly as you want it.

Never Diet Again: The (No-Diet) Diet, pg. 158

  • To lose weight, you don't have to embrace a fad or avoid whole categories of food. Finally, a sensible eating plan you can live with ― and enjoy.

Secrets and Lies, pg. 174

  • The urban legends of beauty (yes to Vaseline facials, no to leg-crossing) travel by word of mouth. But is there any truth to them? Real Simple finds out.

Portrait of a Marriage, pg. 180

  • Diane and Bernie Bletterman's 34-year marriage, with its share of joys and struggles, has taught them the true meaning of commitment.

Simple Solutions

New Uses for Old Things, pg. 57

  • A bobby pin becomes a bookmark; a wine rack holds magazines.

Healthy Habit, pg. 60

  • Behold the beautiful cheese plate: Cheddar, Brie, and beyond. Is one variety better for you than another?

Products of the Month, pg. 62

  • Nonstick toaster bags for pressed sandwiches; a no-strings-attached changing pad for baby.

The Organized Life, pg. 64

  • Can't remember where that spare thread packet is? A laundry-room bulletin board puts it in plain view.

Easy Upgrade, pg. 66

  • How a button transplant can give an old winter coat new life.

Party Trick, pg. 70

  • Pop in a DVD for an instant holiday-theme party.

Fake It, Don’t Make It, pg. 72


How to Turn Heads, pg. 75

  • Writer Jane Smiley on the spur-of-the-moment salon appointment that gave her temporary "hottie" status ― and a new appreciation of beauty.

The Guide


  • The best relief for dry winter skin, pg. 85
  • Hand washing fine garments, pg. 93
  • Match your necklaces to your wardrobe, pg. 103
  • The black jacket you can wear anytime, anywhere, pg. 113
  • Confusing foreign phrases, pg. 121
  • The best cruises for every kind of vacationer, pg. 131
  • Why outdoor exercise is even more important in cold weather, pg. 139
  • If you're going on a vacation, on a business trip, or just out on the town, your house- or babysitter will need certain info. Real Simple's worksheets let you create the user manual to your home. pg. 145


Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 192

The Staple

  • Eight quick dishes that start with a can of beans, pg. 195
  • The best chicken broth, pg. 207
  • Learn to freeze anything (and end up with something edible), pg. 211
  • Chocolate cake in a cup, pg. 219

In Every Issue

  • Thoughts, pg. 8
  • Why Not ..., pg. 12
  • Contributors, pg. 29
  • Editor’s Note, pg. 32
  • Your Words, pg. 45
  • Credits, pg. 222
  • Postscript, pg. 224
  • Real Simple to Go, pg. 226