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Home Goods, pg. 98
Whether you already have furniture or you're starting from scratch, you can freshen up the rooms where you sleep, eat, and live with these foolproof decorating shortcuts.

Make Over Your Diet, Step-by-Step, pg. 108
Three women with very different lives (and cravings) find the meal plans that are most practical, healthy, and satisfying for them.

Right Hair, Right Now, pg. 116
If you're still sporting your junior-high bowl cut or all-nighter ponytail, you're probably in a hairstyle rut. Take heart: Finding the look that's just right is easier than you think.

Organize Your Organizing Systems, pg. 122
Another New Year is upon us. What better time to finally get everything ― from your address book to the kitchen shelves under control?

Portrait of a Marriage, pg. 130
Jeff and Ellen Stanclift recall their 16 years together for better and for worse, and reveal their secrets for compromise, romance, and enduring love.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 145
Two rotisserie chickens, many hearty meals: Broccoli Spaghetti, Ginger Chicken Soup with Vegetables, Chicken Sandwiches with Melted Cheese, and more.


In Every Issue

  • Thoughts, pg. 6
  • Why Not... , pg. 8
  • Editor’s Note, pg. 14
  • Contributors, pg. 22
  • Your Words, pg. 25
  • What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
  • Credits, pg. 164
  • Real Complex, pg. 166


New Uses for Old Things, pg. 33

  • Make the most of coffee filters and leftover candy canes
  • Shake up those same-old, same-old soups
  • Cereal boxes get a smart top; flash cards translate hip-hop
  • Chili Pie

Life Guide


  • The best supermarket chocolate, pg. 47
  • Disguising takeout as homemade, pg. 51
  • Pants that go with everything, pg. 57
  • Bras for all body types, pg. 63
  • Winter-proof your skin, hair, and eyes, pg. 69
  • How to cope with rude strangers, pg. 77
  • The right lightbulb for every room, pg. 85
  • Learning Manual, pg. 155
  • With the sudden, devastating loss of her young daughter, writer Ann Hood saw her world unravel. Knitting became coping, and stitch by stitch, she put her life back together again.
  • Can We Talk, pg. 160
  • Some of the most maddening family conflicts with parents, with kids arise from generational differences. Sheila Heen reveals five ways to bridge the gaps.