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Updated August 30, 2004
Real Simple February 2002
Credit: WIlliam Meppem


One Big, Happy Family, pg. 66
Seeking a meaningful marriage, the Belfiores saw their family grow from two to seven―with four HIV-positive kids from Romania and later a biological son. Today, both the marriage and the children are thriving.

Comfort Clothes, pg. 74
You’re spending the day at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy. Kick back in style with these classy upgrades on sweats and slippers.

The Naked Truth, pg. 82
In a Finnish sauna, an American woman sweated, bonded, and got a lot more comfortable with her body.

Helping Hands, pg. 90
They do so much for you. Do something nice for them. Expert tips for happier, more beautiful hands.

Not So Fast, pg. 94
Six easy slow-cook meals―from hearty beef stew to savory vegetarian chili―to warm up winter weekends.

Take Control, pg. 102
Twenty-two projects and ideas for getting a grip on your home, your health, your time, your relationships, and more.

In Every Issue

Thoughts, pg. 2

Editor's Note, pg. 8

Letters, pg. 14

Your Words, pg. 17
How are you dealing with the tough economy?

Technique, pg. 113

Real Hard, pg. 132
Casting Spells for Love and Passion

Simple Solutions

New Uses for Old Things, pg. 20
New ways to think about familiar household objects, plus fun ideas for homemade Valentines.

Simple Info

  • Food: The best chocolates, pg. 37
  • Beauty: Rose-scented products, pg. 40
  • Etiquette: Disciplining other people's kids, pg. 44
  • Health: The Real Simple eating plan, pg. 47
  • System: Under-sink organizing and the complete cleaning kit, pg. 57
  • Money: Wills, pg. 63

Real Life

Snapshot, pg. 121
Rancher-biologist Linda Poole on conservation, solitude, and the power of a pair of cowboy boots.

Don't Worry, Just Tango, pg. 122
When her health and finances headed south, tango lessons taugt Caren Weiner Campbell how to close her eyes and let go.

Are You Happy? pg. 126
Not exactly? That's OK. Embrace the complexity of your emotions and discover gleeful gloom, anxious joy, and even somber satisfaction.