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Updated August 23, 2004
Minh & Wass


The Big Soak, pg. 64
Set the mood for relaxation, and let your troubles float away. Just a few ingredients can make any bath a refuge.

The Art of the Possible, pg. 72
Juggling marriage, motherhood, business, and art makes for a full day―and a fulfilling life.

An Enchanted Evening, pg. 82
With a Valentine's dinner that practically makes itself, you can think about more important things than cooking.

Weekend Getaway, pg. 90
Hit the road with casual clothing that lets you hang loose or dress up in total comfort.

Northern Exposure, pg. 98
Seeking out polar bears in northern Canada, novelist Charlotte Bacon learned about the power of curiosity and the endless adaptability of animals―and people.

In Every Issue

Thoughts for the Month, pg.10

Editor's Note, pg. 18

Contributors, pg. 24

Your Letters, pg. 24

Your Words, pg. 29
Romantic Life

Simple Solutions, pg. 30
A month of soaps...gourmet meals to go...last-minute getaways...great winter reads...saving stained leather...dressing for the cold...and more.

Technique, pg. 133
Truffles without Trouble

Real Hard, pg. 132


Gym-Bag Essentials, pg. 47
Leave your workouts feeling refreshed, not a mess. What to pack for peak performance.

Organizing a Hall Closet, pg. 44
Pare down, make a plan, contain the clutter, and use space wisely. A four-step guide to controlling closet chaos.

Straight Story

The Right Fit, pg. 52
How to choose a functional, flattering bra for every body and every occasion.

Searching for American Beauties, pg. 59
We put 13 on-line florists to the test. Which ones came out smelling like roses?

Tax Relief, pg. 66
April 15 is just around the corner. Tax websites and software can help you get happy returns with less hassle.

Real Life

Sister Act, pg. 116
How vounteering as a Big Sister brought fun and french fries into one woman's life.

Friend of Our Youth, pg. 120
A tribute to Alice Munro, a pioneering chronicler of the lives of modern women.

Life Coach: Lies About Love, pg. 79
Don't buy into our culture's romantic myths. To feel complete, complete yourself.