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Updated September 02, 2004
Anita Calero


To Grandmother's House They Go, pg. 162
After moving into a home that had been in her family for generations, Heather Moore found plenty of room for both a growing family and a thriving business.

One Mother, Four Daughters, Five Styles, pg. 170
At Janet Finch's table, tradition means dressing up for Christmas dinner. See how she and her daughers bring color, comfort, and individual style to their annual gathering.

Worried? How to Soothe Your Fears, pg. 178
Meet four real women who tamed their rampant worrying, and learn simple, effective strategies for managing anxiety.

Open House, pg. 186
Real Simple streamlines seasonal entertaining, with recipes, decorating ideas, and more―plus a day-by-day guide to no-stress party planning.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 203
It's ham for the holidays―or anytime. Three timesaving meals for the whole family.

In Every Issue

Thoughts, 10

Why Not..., pg. 12

Editor's Note, pg. 20

Contributors, pg. 24

Your Words, pg. 31
How do you stick with your exercise regimen?

Credits, pg. 222

Real Hard, pg. 224
Be happy


50 Gifts Under $50, pg. 43
Colorful and fun ideas for everyone on your list―kids, mom and dads, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors.

Life Guide

Shopping List

  • Personal grooming kit, pg. 81
  • Folding chairs, pg. 85
  • The best vacuums, pg. 91
  • Black pants for every body, pg. 99
  • Long-lasting makeup, pg. 105
  • The party-foods pantry, pg. 111
  • Men’s health, pg. 119
  • Games to play, pg. 127
  • On-time package delivery, 132
  • Downsizing the holidays, pg. 135
  • Recipe notebook, pg. 141


A Seeker's Guide to Faith, pg. 151
Religious belief is a personal matter. Real Simple talks with three women who have created meaningful―and varied―spiritual lives, and offers a guide and resources to help you find your own path.

Wise Woman, pg. 160
Photojournalist Molly Bingham on her first camera, her latest assignment, and why she always travels with turkey jerky.


Now or Later, pg. 213
A young couple in Chicago gets expert advice on saving for early retirement and enjoying life today.

Life Coach

"Honey, I Really Hate You”, pg. 218
Even the best couples fight. But it’s the way they fight that determines whether the relationship lasts. Author Sheila Heen tells how to argue like adults and come out winners.