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By Real Simple
Updated August 23, 2004
William Waldron


It’s a Wonderful Life, pg. 92
Contractor Janet Lasley says she’s 10 times happier now than before she got cancer. And she means it.

Sudden Impact, pg. 100
Pick a feature―cheeks, lips, eyes, nails―and make it pop. Three-step makeup tricks for a head-turning holiday-party look.

The Real Simple Tree, pg. 104
It’s all-natural―no lights, no tacky ornaments―and it’s fun to make. And when the holidays are over, you just toss it out.

Changing Times, Changing Priorities, pg. 108
How five women from around the country resolved to make their lives better in the wake of September 11.

What Price Quality?, pg. 112
Real Simple consults the experts and shows you how to pick wardrobe essentials that look good, feel good, and last.

How to Pray, pg. 118
By learning how to speak her heart, quietly, a once skeptical woman found a sense of peace―and something more.

Holiday Brunch, pg. 122
A mostly make-ahead menu to keep you out of the kitchen during the holiday. Perfect for New Year’s Day or any morning after.

In Every Issue

Thoughts for the Month, pg. 4

Editor’s Note, pg. 12

Contributors, pg. 19

Your Letters, pg. 20

Your Words, pg. 23
Which holiday traditions do you happily ignore?

Technique, pg. 130
Homemade treats to give

Credits, pg. 150

Real Hard, pg. 152
Elf Chat

Simple Solutions

Gift Guide, pg. 26
Fifty gifts under $50. Presents with a message for everyone on your list.

Simple Info

  • Project: Holiday cards, pg. 46
  • Etiquette: Party eating, pg. 52
  • Home: Welcome mats, pg. 56
  • Clothes: Sale shopping, pg. 59
  • Beauty: Lip balms, pg. 64
  • Fitness: Yoga videos, pg. 71
  • System: Freezer storage, pg. 75
  • Money: Emergency fund, pg. 81
  • Health: Hangover cures, pg. 85
  • Tech: Home pages, pg. 88

Real Life

Little Women Today, pg. 140
A mother-daughter book group in Denver and seven women with notable connections to Louisa May Alcott’s Civil War-era novel discuss its enduring appeal.

The Prediction Tradition, pg. 147
A Christmastime ritual keeps one family guessing―and looking forward to the time they spend together.