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Updated August 26, 2004
Real Simple December 2000/January 2001
Credit: David Prince


The Art of Giving, pg. 82
Wrap up your holiday shopping with perfect presents for any person―and personality―on your list.

Simply Elegant, pg. 96
Subtle evening wear, in black and white with touches of silver, makes a sophisticated statement this time of year.

Sandwich Islands, pg. 104
Let the game begin! A foolproof strategy for feeding a Super Bowl crowd without breaking a sweat.

Holiday Hair, pg. 112
Pull it back, pin it down. Minimalism is the key to dazzling styles that will stand out at seasonal gatherings.

O Christmas Trees, pg. 120
For the Jones family, Christmas trees are an all-year obsession. But come mid-December, when the crowds and cold weather roll in, it's show time.

In Every Issue

Thoughts for the Month, pg. 8

Editor's Note, pg. 18

Contributors, pg. 24

Your Letters, pg. 28

Your Words, pg. 31
Holiday wish list.

Simple Solutions, pg. 34
A month of ornaments...and something to store them in...a long-lasting wreath...caroling companions...a festive fireplace...zirconia sparkle...not your mother's menorah...and more.

Techniques, pg. 132
Stress-free cookies (honest!)

Real Hard, pg. 158
A New Year's resolution


Tidying Toys, pg. 50
Put away the playthings and make room for Santa. Toy-storage systems that work for you and your child.

Straight Story

Surfing for Christmas Gifts, pg. 62
A holiday guide to sites that deliver...and those that disappoint. Plus tips for succesful on-line shopping.

Flex Time, pg. 67
Don't stress. S-t-r-e-t-c-h! Achieve a more flexible body and mind in just 10 minutes, three times a week.

Cold Comfort, pg. 74
When the bug bites, bite back. Find out which cold and flu remedies really work, which ones might help, and why.

Real Life

Quaker Remeeting, pg. 140
A busy young woman finds a quiet place for reflection among Friends.

Just Do It!, pg. 144
A procrastinator's plan for completing the projects we keep putting off.

Making Resolutions that Work, pg. 150
Set realistic goals, focus on the process, set limits, reward yourself, and get help from your friends.