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By Real Simple
Updated August 31, 2004
Amy Neunsinger


The Easiest Dinner Ever, pg. 136
They're a cinch to make and loved by all. So why limit sandwiches to lunch? With these recipes, you'll have satisfying meals in minutes.

In Fine Form, pg. 146
Three women recall the days when obsessions over body image damaged their lives―and reveal how they finally stopped viewing the mirror as an enemy.

Global Beauty, pg. 152
Every culture has its own way of pampering skin and hair with basic, natural ingredients. Real Simple's world tour uncovers the best ones, plus how to make them work for you.

The High-Speed Living Room, pg. 160
A dozen home furnishings―in just 21 days. They're yours in a mouse click with these insider tips for on-line furniture shopping.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 167
This summer's catch? Delicious and easy-to-prepare fish: Blackened Catfish, Crispy Catfish Cakes, Fish Kebabs with Vegetables, and more.

In Every Issue

Thoughts, pg. 12

Why Not..., pg. 16

Contributors, pg. 26

Editor’s Note, pg. 24

Your Words, pg. 35
Who has had the greatest influence on your adult life?

Credits, pg. 193

Real Complex, pg. 196

Real Simple to Go, pg. 198


Uncommon Knowledge, pg. 41
Someone else's dog driving you crazy? How to make owners obey.

New Uses for Old Things, pg. 42
Unexpected jobs for a rolling pin and a coffee filter

Healthy Habit, pg. 45
How to get more iron into your diet―and why you should

Products of the Month, pg. 46
Mixing bowls that won't slip from your grasp; sunscreen that goes on in a flash

Easy Upgrade, pg. 50
Spruce up a bedroom with a $20 paint-on headboard

Fake It, Don’t Make It, pg. 52
Mexican-Style Eggs (Huevos Rancheros)

Life Guide


  • The best store-bought ice pops, plus recipes to make your own, pg. 57
  • A boxed-wine tasting, pg. 63
  • A new way to look at fresh corn, pg. 69
  • Comfortable, durable T-shirts for any body or budget, pg. 77
  • Workout clothes that perform beyond the gym, pg. 83
  • Walk your way to good health one step at a time, pg. 89
  • Eat right now, with help from a nutritionist, pg. 95
  • Just say no: easy strategies to let others down gently, pg. 101
  • Stay cool but still look great in the year's hottest months, pg. 109
  • Hair-coloring basics for the salon or at home, pg. 117
  • Tangle-free hoses and accessories to make your garden grow, pg. 123
  • Security solutions for every part of the house―no expensive, high-tech alarm system required, pg. 127


Food for (Many) Thoughts, pg. 177
Writer Ben Schott on the wisdom of miscellaneous information, and how the brilliance of a meal is all in the details.


Frugal to a Fault, pg. 181
After years of scrimping and saving, Morning Naughton can finally afford to indulge herself and her family― but she can't bring herself to. Our advisers show her how to loosen up.

Life Coach

Silence Your Inner Critic, pg. 188
That voice in your head tells you you're a bad mother, a bad daughter, a bad employee, a bad person. It's time to talk back.