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Updated January 13, 2005
William Meppem


The Easiest Dinner Ever, pg. 118
Would you rather stand over a hot stove or eat and drink under the stars? Keep your guests happy and yourself out of the kitchen with these crowd-pleasing salad meals.

Six Staples for All Seasons, pg. 128
White pants after Labor Day? Why not? Today women can count on wardrobe basics―from a sleeveless dress to tropical wool pants―all year round.

Breaking the Rules, pg. 136
Turns out you don’t always have to do what you’re told. Real Simple looks at life’s unwritten laws and asks, “What’s the worst that could happen if you break them?”

Younger Skin At Any Age, pg. 144
Great skin doesn’t mean expensive treatments. Nine women (who happen to be dermatologists) share their secrets for keeping skin smooth and healthy.

All in the Family, pg. 150
It’s an ideal arrangement for two Chicago sisters who live across the street from each other―and it’s perfect for their kids, too.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 157
A hearty late-summer menu: Garlic and Oregano Baby Back Ribs, Pasta with Green Olive Pesto, and Po’ Boy Sandwiches.

In Every Issue

Thoughts, pg. 10

Why Not..., pg. 14

Editor’s Note, pg. 22

Contributors, pg. 34

Your Words, pg. 39
What are your favorite organizing tricks for the tools and toys of summer?

Credits, pg. 178

Real Hard, pg. 180
Fantasy Vacations


Easy Upgrades, pg. 47
New spins on summer edibles

The Organized Life, pg. 50
The beach tote that has it all

Products of the Month, pg. 52
From a go-anywhere iron to an alarm for the grill

Garden Guide, pg. 54
Fill those bare spots with portable plants

New Uses for Old Things, pg. 56
Something extra from ice-cube trays and plastic straws

Fake It, Don’t Make It, pg. 60
French Onion Tart

Life Guide


  • Cutting boards, pg. 65
  • Barbecue sauce, pg. 71
  • Tag-sale strategies, pg. 75
  • Versatile camisoles, pg. 81
  • Lightweight makeup, pg. 87
  • Recovering from verbal blunders, pg. 91
  • The best hotel rates, pg. 99
  • Slow-motion exercise, pg. 103
  • The benefits and risks of drinking alcohol, pg. 107
  • Get your basement in order, pg. 113


Life Lessons, pg. 167
When a dear friend dies, can you learn as much from her death as you did from her life? Writer Elissa Schappell reflects on the sudden loss of novelist Amanda Davis, author of the eerily titled Wonder When You’ll Miss Me

Life Coach

Why Am I So Resentful?, pg. 173
Feeling that you’re getting the short end of the stick can damage an otherwise healthy relationship. Knowing how to express that feeling can help save it.