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Real Simple August 2002
Credit: Charles Maraia


Simple Summer Eating, pg. 92
Eight low-fuss recipes that make the most of the season’s bounty―Heirloom-Tomato Salad, Yellow Gazpacho, a berry-filled yogurt parfait, and more.

Healthiest Lifestyles, pg. 102
Three active women, from three generations of the same family, reveal the habits―eating right, working out, controlling stress, seeking spirituality―that keep them going strong.

Clutter Catchers for Every Room, pg. 108
From the front door to the backyard, Real Simple gives you 21 easy ways to control clutter and restore order to your home and your life.

Stay-At-Work Dad, pg. 118
Hope Edelman dreamed of a marriage where the job of parenting was split 50-50. The reality of her husband’s career―and his 90-hour work weeks―was another story.

Four Basics, Four Options, pg. 122
Versatile, flattering, and timeless, these dresses, skirts, pants, and jackets will liven up your summer wardrobe and work for fall, too.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 131
An afternoon at the grill yields three days of family-friendly eating: Grilled Garlic Chicken, Cilantro-Chicken Sandwiches, Spicy Tortilla Soup, plus accompaniments.

In Every Issue

Thoughts, pg. 4

Editor's Note, pg. 16

Contributors, pg. 20

Your Words, pg. 23
Which household chores do you farm out, and which ones do you insist on doing yourself?

Access, pg. 146

Real Hard, pg.148
The Weekender: Summer 2002


Healthy Habit, pg. 27

Garden Guide, pg. 28
Keep flowers blooming

The Organized Life, pg. 30
Travel toiletry case

Beauty Find, pg. 32
Three-in-one hand therapy

Fake It, Don't Make It, pg. 36
Beef Satay with Peanut Sauce

Plus: Movie tickets for less, reducing credit-card late fees, cleaning jewelry

The List

  • Journals, pg. 40


  • The best skin toners, pg. 43
  • Jean jackets, pg. 47


  • Choosing vases, pg. 53


  • Hot-dog taste test, pg. 57


  • Summertime first-aid, pg. 63


  • What to do if you lose your…, pg. 69

The Organizer

  • Complete grilling guide, pg. 74


Wise Woman, pg. 83
Rani Arbo, a professional fiddle player, on getting married, working at a big desk, and taking risks.

Life Lessons, pg. 85
To help her patients through hard times, Amy Kossoff, a doctor at a homeless women’s shelter, called on some friends to share dinner and make a difference.

Priorities, pg. 139
After her mother’s death, a 28-year-old woman contends with grief and stress, and ponders what to do with a $50,000 inheritance. Two experts help get her on the right path―emotionally and financially.

Life Coach

I Want That―Now!, pg 143
Find out what’s really behind your jealousy and banish this ugly emotion from your life.