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By Real Simple
Updated August 26, 2004
Thayer Allyson Gowdy


Like We Did Last Summer, pg. 62
Make your summers more memorable with traditions you can start today―and savor for years to come.

The Grill-Everything Menu, pg. 76
It's hot in the kitchen, but don't go hungry. Step outside and fire up meals that really sizzle. Recipes, tips, and techniques.

Rest Easy, pg. 84
A good night's sleep goes a long way. Let our comprehensive bedside guide show you how to get the rest―and the peace of mind―you deserve.

Gas, Food, Liberation, pg. 94
With a long weekend, a full tank, and a few hundred bucks, anyone can have an adventure to remember―no planning required.

A Closet on Trial, pg. 100
You can't wear it if you can't see it. A wardrobe consultant reveals how to cut through closet clutter and find a brave new look.

In Every Issue

Thoughts for the Month, pg. 4

Editor’s Note, pg. 12

Your Letters, pg. 17

Your Words, pg. 21
Strategies for a longer, deeper sleep

Technique, pg. 106
Exotic fruits

Credits, pg. 126

Real Hard, pg. 128
Live in the Moment

Simple Solutions

Be Good to Yourself, pg. 24
Summer hair and skin energizing smoothie...wardrobe pick-me-ups...quick and easy pasta...finding old friends...stargazing...hiking.

Simple Info

  • Systems: Bathroom storage, pg. 37
  • Auto: Saving gas, pg. 42
  • Family: Family photos, pg. 45
  • Home: Stain removal, pg. 48
  • Accessories: Sunglasses, pg. 50
  • Health: Organic foods, pg. 53
  • Beauty: Antiperspirants and deodorants, pg. 57
  • Etiquette: Houseguest rules, pg. 60

Real Life

Book Club: Girl with a Growing Pain, pg. 114
A Portland, Oregon, book group finds a perfect portrait of adolescence in Tracy Chevalier's Girl With a Pearl Earring.

Power Pouf, pg. 118
A visit to a generic bridal warehouse leaves a cynical city chick feeling, quite unexpectedly, like a goddess.

What I Learned From a Marriage (Not My Own), pg. 123
How one couple's enduring commitment offered a close friend a moving lesson in love and courage.