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By Real Simple
Updated January 12, 2005
Brian Doben


A Woman’s Life, Considered, pg. 70
In Pippa’s house, things fall in place. The reason? Her laid-back attitude.

Drip-Dry Hair, pg. 78
It’s too hot for blowdryers and a lot of fussing. If you get the right cut for your hair and the products to fine-tune it, you’ll be home free.

Multiples, pg. 102
If you find something you love, buy more than one. You’ll save time and expand your wardrobe. Here, 15 staples to mix and match.

Bring a Dish, pg. 112
If dinner out means a potluck picnic, here are five classic dishes that will delight your friends.

The Island Within, pg. 92
Taking a walk on Cumberland Island, a writer recovers her serenity by connecting to nature and her past.

Shoes to Go, pg. 84
Want smart but pain-free shoes? We tried on 300 pairs, and here are the winners.

In Every Issue

Contributors, pg. 18

Your Words, pg. 23
What you told about back-to-school rituals.

Simple Solutions, pg. 30
A month of flip-flops…7 ways with tomatoes…last-minute getaways…the Monday dress…sun-protected lips…fresh-squeezed juice…and more


Coffee Talk, pg. 40
We love coffee, but we’re scared of caffeine. Are we being reasonable?

Party Plans, pg. 43
The political conventions are about to start. How to have more fun watching them.

DVD or VCR?, pg. 50
Do you want to play movies or record sitcoms? Some shopping advice.

Straight Story

Office Supplies, pg. 54
A 911 kit for beauty emergencies at work.

Photo Opportunities, pg. 59
It’s easy to take a lot of vacation pictures; organizing them is something else.

One Drawer at a Time, pg. 64
If your lingerie collection isn’t suitable for public viewing, read this.

Real Life

The House on the Lake, pg. 120
Returning to a childhood home reunites and strengthens five adult brothers and sisters.

Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore, pg. 125
How a size 16 found love, beauty, and, most importantly, self-acceptance.

Abbey Road, pg. 131
Can a cynical soul find happiness on a religious retreat? You’ll be surprised.

The Art of the Bribe, pg. 136
The secret to getting off the sofa and back to work.

First Day, pg. 142
One family’s yearbook.