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Updated June 03, 2009
Polish wearers know that nails can yellow from frequent applications of heavily pigmented colors. To the rescue: a lemon. Rubbing a wedge on the surface of your nails will help whiten them. For a more intense treatment, soak nails for a few minutes in lemon juice (the citric acid helps remove discoloration). Dab on some cuticle oil, then use a buffer to gently slough away the old, stained nail plate.
Jen Gotch

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How do you stay connected to the people you care about most?, p. 25


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Essay-contest winner Aldra Robinson shares the story of the most important day of her life―the day she truly understood grace, p. 45

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Neuroscience writer Jonah Lehrer on 10 ways to become a better thinker, p. 129

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A 13-year-old files her own taxes, p. 192

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  • How to punch up your surroundings with the color green, p. 69
  • An eco-consultant shares her favorite natural grooming essentials, p. 79
  • Recession-friendly travel ideas. (Yes, you can still take that vacation), p. 85
  • The six-move, 20-minute total-body workout, p. 95
  • Grocery shopping at the dollar store, where to find clothing deals online, and tax deductions you may not know about, p. 105


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