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Updated March 19, 2007
Real Simple April 2007
Credit: Sang An

On the Cover

Hate to Clean?, pg. 236
Quick tricks to make even your most irksome tasks easier, from the coffeemaker in the kitchen to the grout in the bathroom.

Foolproof, Crowd-Pleasing Meals, pg. 264
A shrimp-and-noodle curry, an inspired seafood chowder, a tangy carrot puree, and three other healthy, springy soups.

Walk Your Way to Better Health, pg. 272
It’s the simplest, most effective way to exercise. Learn how to increase the benefits, no matter where and when you walk.

Kitchen Safety 101, pg. 285
Your mother always told you never to cook with hot tap water. Was she right? Experts separate fact from fiction.

In This Issue

Thoughts, pg. 10
Wit and wisdom to get you through the month.

Why Not?, pg. 12

Contributors, pg. 40

Editor's Note, pg. 43

Real Inspiration, pg. 47
Time is on your side. A great clock (even if it’s broken) can make a room tick.

Your Words: What’s Your Favorite Speed-Cleaning Trick?, pg. 57
From the sensible to the wacky, readers share their tried-and-true techniques.

Simple Solutions, pg. 67
When to throw away sponges, how to polish faucets with baby oil (and other new uses for old things), and more.

Life Lessons, pg. 91
One woman’s experience learning about cruelty the hard way: by inflicting it on someone else.

The Motivator, pg. 229
Spring spruce-up? Don’t forget to clear out your mind as well as your home.

Beating the Odds, pg. 254
Five women assumed they would lead normal, happy lives―until the unexpected happened. Here’s how they found the strength to persevere.

Credits, pg. 308

Real Simple to Go, pg. 316

Real Life, pg. 314
Meet Real Simple reader Tara Dublin, a radio dj, a mother of two boys, and a thumb sucker till age 13.

The Guide


  • Nine amazing trench coats, pg. 101
  • One reader’s beloved sequined dress inspires 11 more shining stars, pg. 111
  • When the great outdoors turns against you: a quick guide to allergy relief, pg. 123
  • Are you a hypochondriac? Find out if your worries are valid, pg. 133
  • Ways to fix on-the-fritz cosmetics, pg. 145
  • Give your skin some health food with products containing mushrooms, grapefruit, and other garden ingredients, pg. 246
  • New hardware can give an entire room a lift, pg. 153
  • What to do when furry pests come calling and won’t leave, pg. 161
  • Strategies to spend less without feeling the pinch, pg. 179
  • Curb your pets’ beastly behavior, pg. 187
  • Twenty-six easy ways to save the planet, today and every day, pg. 197
  • Lost socks, spilled detergent, and crumpled shirts―Real Simple cleans up a chaotic laundry room, pg. 171

Road Tests

  • Spring skirts, pg. 209
  • Energy bars, pg. 215
  • Mascara, pg. 219
  • Cleaning wipes, pg. 225


  • Fake It, Don’t Make It: Monte Cristo Sandwich, pg. 281
  • Five Easy Dinners, pg. 295
  • Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 306