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Updated September 09, 2004
Anita Calero


10 Ingredients 30 Meals, pg. 200
Start with a few basic items, tear out the menus on these pages, and reward yourself with 30 easy-shop, easy-cook dinners.

If These Walls Could Talk, pg. 214
You treasure those knickknacks, but they're stuffed in the junk drawer. Give them a place of honor on your walls with these DIY framing tips.

The Day That Changed Everything, pg. 222
Hardship often takes us by surprise. Four women tell how horrible news altered their lives―and then made them stronger.

Your One-Day Financial Makeover, pg. 228
You already know you could be spending less and saving more. Here's the eight-hour plan to make it happen at last.

Sugar Nation, pg. 238
Sugars and refined carbohydrates can throw your blood sugar for a loop, making you tired, hungry, and overweight. Learn how to get off the sweet-roll merry-go-round.

In Every Issue

Thoughts, pg. 12

Why Not..., pg. 14

Editor’s Note, pg. 32

Contributors, pg. 34

Your Words, pg. 43
What has been your smartest investment?

Credits, pg. 272

Real Complex, pg. 274


New Uses for Old Things, pg. 49
Serendipity from table salt and sandwich bags

Uncommon Knowledge, pg. 64
How guests and hosts alike can cope with dietary restrictions

Healthy Habit, pg. 55
Five new ways to get your morning C

Garden Guide, pg. 58
The best gardening books for every level of expertise

Beauty, pg. 60
Why everyone should be in the pink

Products of the Month, pg. 62
A no-drip mug that keeps drinks hot; a paw-cleaning glove to tidy Spot

Fake It, Don’t Make It, pg. 66
Asparagus Tart

Life Guide


  • Jackets for whatever weather spring brings, pg. 71
  • Make chinos your casual standby, pg. 77
  • Quick clothing-repair guide, pg. 83
  • Media cabinets for every budget, pg. 91
  • Easy-to-use can openers, pg. 97
  • Fix your own furniture and floors, pg. 101
  • Can't stand the heat? Try these cool pot holders and oven mitts, pg. 109
  • Double-duty tinted lip balms, pg. 113
  • TLC for sensitive skin, pg. 117
  • Great hairstyling products for under $7, pg. 125
  • Concealers and how to use them, pg. 131
  • Handling difficult coworkers, pg. 137
  • Think you need a detective? Find the info yourself on-line, pg. 151
  • The well-stocked medicine cabinet, pg. 157
  • What soy can (and can't) do for you, pg. 165
  • A peanut-butter taste-test, pg. 173
  • Protein-rich egg recipes for snacks and meals, pg. 179
  • Keeping produce fresh―and using it when it's not, pg. 185
  • Your house should be a safe haven, but it may be full of everyday hazards. A room-by-room guide to restoring homeland security, pg. 189


Real Mission, pg. 247
Antonia Adezio on how gardens maintain our history and invigorate our senses.

Ward and June R' Us, pg. 257
No matter how hard they tried, writer Rob Spillman and his wife couldn't solve the homemaker/breadwinner dilemma―until they embraced a traditional approach with a twist.

Life Coach Break Your Relationship Rut, pg. 267

If you're always repeating the same old arguments with loved ones, putting up with passive-aggressive coworkers, or giving too much to a friend who gives nothing back, try these tips to break old patterns and blaze a new path.