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Updated August 10, 2004
Real Simple April 2003
Credit: Ellen Silverman


The Hot List, pg. 160
Spring is here, and summer’s not far behind. Real Simple recommends warm-weather wardrobe classics you can buy now and wear forever.

Speed Cleaning, pg. 170
Grandma did spring cleaning; you don’t have to. Today, with the right products and plan of attack, you can have a sparkling house all the time, in just minutes a day.

Reviving Desire, pg. 180
Today’s stressful pace puts a damper on women’s sex lives. Here’s how to return physical intimacy to its rightful place in your life.

Rut Busters, pg. 186
Break out of your dull routine. Fifteen ways to refresh yourself―from signing up for an art class to taking a road trip into your past.

A Dozen Eggs, a Half-Dozen Dinners, pg. 194
If you have eggs, you have the makings of dinner. The breakfast basic becomes part of your evenings with these low-fuss recipes.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 205
Fish takes center stage in three nights of healthy dinners: Poached Cod with Cabbage and Peas, Potato-Cabbage Soup, and Fish Tacos.

In Every Issue

Thoughts, pg. 10

Why Not..., pg. 24

Editor's Note, pg. 36

Contributors, pg. 38

Your Words, pg. 47
What’s your best cleaning tip?

Credits, pg. 236

Real Hard, pg. 238
Once upon a time management


Healthy Habit, pg. 55
What red fruit can do for you

New Uses for Old Things, pg. 56
Making the most of household staples

Cleaning Up, pg. 67
Outdoor furniture

Garden Guide, pg. 70
Bring spring blooms indoors

The Organized Life, pg. 72
Filing papers and receipts

Fake It, Don't Make It, pg. 74
Coq au Vin

Life Guide


  • Raincoats, pg. 81
  • Best sports bras, pg. 89


  • Foundation, pg. 94
  • Hairstyling products, pg. 101


  • Drawer liners, pg. 107
  • TV services, pg. 113


  • Trail mix, pg. 119
  • The healthy refrigerator, pg. 125


  • Relaxing stretches, pg. 131


  • Selling on-line, pg. 135
  • When a friend has bad news, pg. 143

The Organizer

  • Medical records, pg. 151


Life Lessons, pg. 214
Writer Sue Miller remembers how an extended visit from her parents proved that mothers and fathers are people, too.

Wise Woman, pg. 221
Poet Ruth Stone on marriage, motherhood, and living a creative life.


Downsized But Not Out, pg. 223
Advice on cutting costs and keeping a positive attitude for a couple in Massachusetts who lost their jobs.

Life Coach

Talking to Aliens, pg. 229
Some people close to you seem to speak a whole different language, but that doesn’t have to prevent a meaningful relationship.