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Updated August 17, 2004
Bob Hiemstra


Natural Habitat, pg. 102
When the Breezes built a house for their family to grow in, they made every inch count and every material matter. The result is a house as unique as the people who live inside it.

Hassle-Free Hair, pg. 112
Meet five women who let go of high-maintenance hair and discovered more carefree looks better suited to their lives, their budgets, and their priorities.

Quick Changes, pg. 118
Even on a budget, you can add colorful, creative touches throughout your home. A dozen do-it-yourself recipes for curtains, pillows, flowers, and other spring pick-me-ups.

How to Energize Your Life, pg. 126
Don’t let the manic pace of the modern world get you frazzled. Try these fourteen ways to boost your energy level and keep it up all day.

Vegging Out, pg. 132
Who says that giving up meat in your diet means giving up variety and flavor? Here are six dishes sure to please both vegetarians and the people who love―and live with―them, with real-life lessons from the converted.

3 Days, 3 Dinners, pg. 143
“The other white meat” served up three ways―roast, sandwich, and soup―plus a shopping list and time-saving menu plans for four.

In Every Issue

Editor's Note, pg. 24

Contributors, pg. 30

Letters, pg. 32

Your Words, pg. 35
How do you keep up your energy and stamina?

Credits, pg. 164

Real Hard, pg. 166
Body acceptance in 6 easy steps


Body and Soul

Making the leap to daylight saving time, pg. 39

Uncommon Knowledge

Making the most of your oven, pg. 40

Clutter Control

Paper shredding, pg. 44

Head Start

Fine-tuning your feet, pg. 46

Fake It, Don't Make It

A quick spring stir-fry, pg. 48

Plus: A workout carry-all, a new use for scissors, a better Band-Aid, and more


  • Making sense of weather reports, pg. 54
  • Good-deed tax deductions, pg. 56


  • Dress 10 pounds slimmer, pg. 63
  • Well-groomed eyebrows, pg. 69


  • Calcium, pg. 73
  • Swimming, pg. 77


  • Complete giveaway guide, pg. 81
  • Tape for every purpose, pg. 87


  • The perfect 15-minute meal, pg. 90

The Organizer

  • Home recycling center, pg. 97


Wise Woman, pg. 151
Acupuncturist Starling Gifford on her career path and health secrets, and the choice between love and fear.

Life Lessons, pg. 153
In a sudden rainstorm, the secret wisdom of a harsh African landscape is revealed.

Life Coach, pg. 158
Create time and space for daydreaming―and say good-bye to clutter.