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Updated August 25, 2004
Real Simple April 2001
Credit: Paul Whicheloe


A Breath of Fresh Air, pg. 86
Low-cost, high-impact ways to bring spring color and spirit into your home.

The Incredible Multitasking Suit, pg. 96
Don't let a perfectly good suit just hang there. Break it down and pair the pieces with stylish accessories to create lively looks for day or night.

Mrs. Clean, pg. 102
For Monica Nassif, founder of a fledgling home-products company, business is a family affair―and failure is not an option.

3 Steps to Enlightenment, pg. 112
With warmer weather on the way, heavy makeup is out. Use a light touch and a few versatile products to let your natural glow shine through.

A Month of Sunday Dinners, pg. 118
Four easy-to-make family suppers that pay delicious dividends later in the week.

In Every Issue

Editor's Note, pg. 16

Simple Solutions, pg. 22
Tasteful takes on trash...streamlined spring cleaning...natural cleansers...modern mops...and more.

Your Letters, pg. 30

Your Words, pg. 35

Technique, pg. 129
Mastering omelettes

Real Hard, pg. 150
The "seven deadly sins" of cleaning your closet

Simple Info

  • Organizing: Car emergencies, pg. 58
  • Beauty: Teeth whitening, pg. 60
  • Family: Music lessons, pg. 66
  • Pets: At-home dog grooming, pg. 68
  • Jewelry: Pearls, pg. 70
  • Travel: Amsterdam, pg. 74
  • Money: 401(k), pg. 77
  • Garden: Salad greens, pg. 80
  • Fitness: Back strengthening, pg. 82

Real Life

The Unexpected Coddling of Divorce, pg. 134
Breaking up is tough on kids. But does an excess of parental guilt lead to spoiled, smothered children?

The Old Neighborhood, pg. 140
In a fast-changing part of Manhattan, one woman holds on to a few city blocks that still feel like home.

Life Coach: Scared Happy, pg. 144
It's OK to be afraid. Just don't let fear keep you from living your dreams.