Not even a proper British newsman could resist her charms.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated August 24, 2017
Lisa5201/Getty Images

We could all use a good laugh during the news these days, and there’s nothing more adorably hilarious than a precocious two-year-old trying to upstage her big brother during a very proper British telecast.

So hats off to little Iris Wronka, who charmed the stuffing right out of ITV News presenter Alastair Stewart when she hijacked his interview segment earlier this week.

While Iris’s mum Lucy tried to discuss the very serious topic of her children’s milk allergies, and big brother George stoically sat still and behaved like a little prince (even when Stewart tried to make him super-sad about all the lovely things he can’t eat, like ice lollies), Iris—in the cutest floral-pattern dress and red sandals we’ve ever seen—decided to use the anchor desk as her own personal jungle gym, climbing up and over while singing to herself and completely ignoring all the serious news business going on around her.

Luckily, Stewart was as amused by the toddler’s antics as home viewers undoubtedly were, referring to her as “The delicious Iris, who will do whatever she chooses to do over the next couple of minutes.”

The video can’t help but bring to mind the clip we were all obsessed with last March, in which a little girl and a surprisingly fast-moving baby in a walker interrupted their dad’s very serious BBC interview about South Korea. (The classic viral video has been viewed more than 25 million times!)

But getting back to darling Iris, we are left with several important questions after watching her clip:

  1. Milk allergies are actually a serious health issue. Where can I learn more? Click here for info.
  2. Was there no production assistant, makeup artist, or family friend who could have entertained Iris offscreen?
  3. Where on earth did George get that adorable bird-themed shirt?