Whether your kid is freaking out about a spelling quiz or the SAT, these strategies can help her ease anxiety and do her best.

By Laura Asmundsson
January 23, 2018

On our way to school, my 12-year-old daughter briskly walked ahead of me with a creased forehead and grimly lined mouth. After rolling her eyes at my cheerful chattering, she finally came out with it. In first-period band class, she would be assessed on the 12 major scales. Just like any other test, this was freaking her out.

Whether it’s over an easy vocab quiz or an AP calculus exam, test anxiety can rear it fanged head at any time, regardless of the academic stakes.

But by adding a few simple steps to your kid’s regular study routine, you can keep the test-taking demons at bay, says Eli Stein, the director of academic counseling at LogicPrep, a tutoring company based in New York, “There’s less stress when you’re calm and prepared, so be a proactive partner with your child.”

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