The Younger star discusses the not-so-glamorous side of motherhood.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated September 14, 2017
Janet Mayer/Star Max/Getty Images

Sutton Foster is one those gorgeous actresses who never seems to age—in fact, that’s why she’s so believable as a 42-year-old passing herself off as a millennial in the TV series Younger. But her life is not all glittery Broadway openings (the singer-dancer-actress has two Tony awards) and glam photo shoots. Being a mom to her six-month-old adopted daughter Emily has been humbling for both Foster and her husband, screenwriter Ted Griffin, neither of whom had spent much time around babies or diapers before.

“Neither one of us had any experience,” Foster told singer/musician Harry Connick, Jr., when she appeared on his talk show Harry earlier this week. “This is the first grandchild on both of our sides, so she’s like the Golden Child. We’re learning as we’re going,”

Foster also shared this photo of little Emily grabbing her face with her adorably chubby little hands:

The TV star looks anything but glam as she contorts her makeup-free face while wisps of hair fly all over the place. “That’s the mom life,” she told Connick, a dad of three girls with wife, model Jill Goodacre. (Connick admitted to Foster he was afraid he would break his girls when he first held them as small babies.)

But perhaps the pinnacle of real-life motherhood was this down-and-dirty memory Foster shared with Harry: “The very first time we ever changed her diaper when we brought her home from the hospital, she projectile pooped against the hotel wall—it was like a volcano. We took a picture so we could show it at her wedding.”

Watch the interview here: