Summer Family Fun

Easy ideas for guaranteed good times, in your yard, on the beach, or on the road.

Fun & Games

Host Your Own Olympic Games for the Kids

Creative ideas for fun, family-friendly outdoor competition. Amateurs welcome.

10 Places to Get Real Frozen Custard

This beloved summer treat—a soft serve frozen dessert made with at least 10 percent milk fat and 1.4 percent egg yolk—is smoother, creamier, and (arguably) more delicious than your standard scoop of ice cream. Satisfy your sweet tooth—and take a trip down memory lane—at one of these standout locales around the country, handpicked by TripAdvisor, based on feedback from its community of travelers. 

29 Ways to Entertain Kids

What’s happier than the sight of children playing? Get ideas from this gallery of fun.

Amazing Blanket Fort Ideas

Want to create a fortress mighty enough to withstand any big bad wolf’s huffs and puffs? Get inspired by these seven creations.

How to Build a Fort

Want to build a super-secret hideaway? We’ve got tricks for constructing one mighty soft fortress.

27 Low-Cost, High-Imagination Games

Get the kids to put up with long waits, share details about their days, do their chores, and―oh yes―have fun.

9 Toys You Can Make

Fun projects that will entertain kids long after craft time. (Sorry, Mr. Sock Puppet.)


8 Ways to Save Money at Theme Parks

Amusement parks can wear your wallet thin. Use these tips to save without sacrificing the fun.

How to Make Family Vacations More Affordable

Nine simple ways you can cut down on costs when taking the whole family on a trip.

7 Fun Beach Games

Stay active on the sandy shores with these family-friendly picks.

Kids’ Favorite Bedtime Books

Children weigh in on what they want (besides another glass of water) at tuck-in time.


Family Time

Road Trip Tips

You can road-trip, or you can road-trip smartly with this guide to essentials.

Take the Best Road Trip Ever

How to check your tires' air pressure, avoid car sickness, and more.

6 Road Trip Games for Kids

Unscientifically speaking, the number of times you're asked, "Are we there yet?" rises and falls in direct relation to how well you keep children engaged.