5 Etsy Shops Owned by Sisters

From stationery to jewelry, these sister-owned stores show that creativity runs in the family.

What better way to bond with your sibling than to run an Etsy shop with her? You’ll both be pursuing a creative passion, while making some extra money on the side. And hey, it might even turn into a full-time business. These groups of sisters who own Etsy shops are partners in life and in business. Take a look at their unique pieces and pick up a few to share with your own sister.


Hook & Matter

Photo by HookAndMatter.etsy.com

After quitting their jobs in art industry and education, Aimée and Sara Schiwal decided to open their jewelry business, Hook & Matter. The duo designs and produces all of their products (from beaded bracelets to geometric-inspired earrings) in Brooklyn, New York. Aimée creates the jewelry, while Sara keeps track of the business side of things.

To buy: Simple Gold Earring Studs, $38; hookandmatter.etsy.com.


When It Rains Paper

Photo by WhenitRainsPaper.etsy.com

When Cason and Kathryn Rainwater needed extra money for a vacation to Europe, they decided to open an Etsy shop to sell their handcrafted paper products. After being able to finance a month-long trip the next summer, they realized that the shop could be a full-time paper business. The sisters quit their day jobs and the rest of history. You can find an assortment of fun and whimsical calendars, party invitations, notebooks, stickers, and more.

To buy: Pineapple Notecards, $14; whenitrainspaper.etsy.com.


Brouk Sisters

Photo by Brouksisters.etsy.com

Lior is a graphic designers and Paz is an industrial designer—and they have four kids between them, so it’s a no-brainer that the duo was able to start an Etsy shop filled with children’s products. The Israeli sisters sell eco-friendly, organic decor, which includes pillows, blankets, and bibs.

To buy: Baby Summer Blanket and Pillow Organic Cotton Set, $72; brouksisters.etsy.com.



Photo by RosellaResin.etsy.com

You’ll find beautiful pieces of eco resin jewelry at Jessica and Gwynne Burgess’s Etsy shop, from bracelets to stacked rings. You might be surprised the shop is based out of two different studios, 500 miles apart in the Canadian cities of Seaforth and Ottawa. The sisters don’t see the distance as a hindrance to their creativity—they say they’re still able to collaborate and inspire each other.

To buy: Pink with Gold and Copper Leaf Resin Ring, $41; rosellaresin.etsy.com.



Photo by nauli.etsy.com

Eva-Dewi and Johanna Pangestian Harahap named their handcrafted paper goods business after their grandmother who taught them how to sew when they were growing up. You’ll find beautiful, patterned notebooks, photo albums, address books, and planners in their shop.

To buy: DIN A5 Blue Notebook, $27; nauli.etsy.com.