Unfortunately, none are positive.

By Real Simple
Updated May 14, 2015
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Woman taking money out of wallet
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Today, more than 25 percent of wives out-earn their husbands—and while this is exciting for women, it can take a toll on a marriage. Farnoosh Torabi, finance expert and author of When She Makes More ($21, amazon.com), found that women who make more than their partners feel pressured to advance in their careers, dissatisfied with their relationships, and often take on more of the housework to compensate. Additionally, men are more likely to cheat if they're dependent on a female partner, according to a study from Cornell University. On this week's episode of "The Labor of Love," host Lori Leibovich discusses these findings and more, to understand why female breadwinners often struggle in a marriage. Most importantly: How can couples communicate with each other and counter these negative effects? For the answers, listen to the full episode below, and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes.