Are you (or your significant other) guilty of one of these?

By Marisa Cohen
Updated August 01, 2017

One of the most delightful things about being in a long-term relationship is that you can finally relax and be yourself around your partner. Unlike those early days of dating, when you were always on your best behavior, you can let things slide now.

But while letting your hair down (by, for example, leaving your leg hair in the sink) is definitely a perk of a solid relationship, you don’t want to slide too far into the realm of carelessness, especially when you’re sharing a home together. Here are nine annoying habits that may seem small, but may carry a bigger message.

Cecilie_Arcurs/Getty Images

Staring at Your Phone, Even When Your Partner is Right There Trying to Get Your Attention.

If a guy pulled out his phone to check his texts or play his next move of Words With Friends while you were on a first date, you would have dumped him faster than that cute puppy video went viral. The same rules should still apply. No checking phones during dinner, while in bed, or whenever one of you wants to catch up or discuss plans.

Leaving Messy, Goopy Stuff All Over the Bathroom Sink.

Whether it’s nose-hair clippings, a glob of toothpaste, a used Band-Aid, or a giant hairball that escaped from your curling brush, it’s just gross to expect the next person to wipe it up.

Not Replacing the Toilet Paper Roll.

Speaking of the bathroom, would it kill you to grab another roll and pop it in place before your partner is caught in a compromising moment with nothing to wipe down there? While you’re at it, remember to replace the paper towels in the kitchen, too.

Reloading the Dishes or Refolding the Laundry.

There are two sides to this story: the partner who doesn’t do his or her share of the chores, and the one who insists that the other person doesn't know how to do it the right way. So what if the dishes aren’t all facing the same way in the rack or those socks are rolled instead of folded—it’s important to express appreciation for the task even if it doesn’t meet your exacting standards.

Leaving Projects Half Finished.

Repainting the bookshelves in the den, clearing out space in the yard for a vegetable garden, or organizing all the family photos into an album is a wonderful way to say “I love you.” But leaving it half done (with the paint cans or loose photos scattered all over the house) can turn your loving gesture into just another mess that has to be cleaned up.

Constantly Interrupting When You’re Out With Friends.

Sure, you know one another so well that you can finish each other’s sentences. But that doesn’t mean you have to. When you’re at dinner and your partner is telling a funny story, let him or her have the pleasure of getting to the punchline first.

Getting Up for a Bowl of Ice Cream When You’re Watching TV and Not Asking if Your Partner Wants One.

Even if she’s not in the mood for a bowl of mint-chocolate chip, it’s always nice to be asked.

Changing the Thermostat in the Middle of the Night.

You’re hot, then you’re cold… Best to agree on a room temperature you can both live with (even if it means one of you is bundled in a down comforter while the other sleeps naked) before lights out.

Constantly Burping, Farting, or Leaving the Bathroom Door Open While You Do Your Business.

Yes, you’re only human, but it’s always nice to leave a little bit of mystery to sustain the romance.