Here are a few things to sort out before you sign the lease.

By Marisa Cohen
November 10, 2017

Moving in with your partner is almost as big a leap as getting married—though people tend to jump in with a lot less preparation, says Jennifer Kromberg, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Torrence, California. “With marriage, couples often attend premarital therapy, which addresses important issues like money, lifestyles, plans for the future,” Kromberg says. “Moving in together doesn’t usually entail as much thought about such issues, and often—but not always—is a result of convenience, when, for example one partner's lease is up and they need a place to live.”

But the fantasy of waking up happily gazing into each other’s eyes every morning can go south quickly when you’re faced with the reality of merging two separate lives, two quirky sets of personal habits, and two sets of expectations. Here are five things you should discuss first to keep your happy home from becoming a battleground.

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