Readers share stories about how the digital world has altered their love lives. 

By Real Simple
Updated January 20, 2016
Dan Page

Technology has made being a new military wife a little less scary. I’ll never forget how ecstatic I was to see my husband on FaceTime the first time he went away. While I treasure the letters he wrote me, I’m forever grateful for the e-mails, phone calls, and texts that allowed us to feel connected while being thousands of miles apart.
Jennifer Jones, Pensacola, Florida

My work and the kids’ school are 30 miles from our house, and my husband works full-time (and has a moonlight gig), so staying connected can be hard. I love the fact that we can see each other’s calendars and are "invited" to all things that have to do with our family. Technology helps us be together when we’re not and allows us to share the parenting load that is so important to us.
Michele Ward, Greenville, North Carolina

The greatest gadget that has made a difference in my 51-year marriage is wireless TV headphones. My husband likes movies; I don’t. Now we can be in the same room while he watches and I read in the quiet.
Susu Draper, Anniston, Alabama

Texting a quick “I love you” helps to keep my marriage fresh by letting my husband know that I think of him throughout my workday.
Amanda Walters, Phelps, New York

Before we were married, my husband’s job sent him to Taiwan for a year. After the first $800 phone bill, we decided to try something else. I bought a fax machine and a typewriter (this was before people had computers and e-mail), and we would send each other long letters. Now, of course, we text, but I loved getting those faxes.
Dawn Butler, Kingwood, Texas

The Timehop app makes me smile when I see the sweet things my husband used to write on my Facebook wall back when we were dating 10 years ago. After growing together during six years of marriage, it’s nice to be reminded where we started.
Emily Jarvis, Macon, Georgia

Skype enabled me and my then boyfriend, now fiancé, to “see” each other while he was away getting his master’s degree.

My husband and I are bicoastal and spend a lot of time apart. Snapchat has changed our lives because we can send each other the million little things we want to share all day long without wondering if it’s worth sending or filling up our phones’ memories. I love seeing his world when I can’t be there in person.
Sabrina Carmichael, North Hollywood, California

In 1967 technology began my love life. Back when computers were main frames and IBM cards, my now husband and I were in college. Our engineering department ran a "computer dance." (We filled out questionnaires and were matched up.) Fast-forward all these years and we have to say that the match is still working. I think we have at least one of those IBM cards packed away in our memory box.
Karen Grover, Rockford, Illinois

My husband is an airline pilot and is often away from home. Having smartphones with no long-distance charges means that we can keep in touch easily. My father-in-law is also a pilot. He would have to go for days without talking to his wife and family when my husband was growing up. I am so grateful for the technology that allows me and my daughter to say good night to my husband, no matter where in the world he may be.
Sara Trznadel Dyck, Hanover Park, Illinois

My fiancé and I met through Google Hangouts! We were attending an educational conference. I was there with friends, and he was attending remotely from his couch a few hundred miles away. We connected through e-mail and phone and became best friends. I can’t wait to marry him this summer!
Elizabeth Kowba, Fremont, California