A divorce attorney, a therapist, and an etiquette expert weigh in.

By Real Simple
Updated May 29, 2015
Smartphone couple
Credit: Bernhard Lang/Getty Images

It probably comes as no surprise that social media can be bad news for any relationship—a recent survey of British adults found that one in seven people have considered divorce as a result of their partner's social media activities. Researchers even said that "social media is the new marriage minefield." So how do you keep your online life from aggravating your real one? This week's episode of "The Labor of Love" attempts to find the answer.

Host Lori Leibovich is joined by etiquette expert Diane Gottsman, founder of The Protocol School of Texas, licensed therapist Bea Arthur, who founded the online counseling and coaching service In Your Corner, and Zephyr Hill, who has been practicing family law for more than 15 years, and currently is managing attorney at Goldberg Jones in San Diego. While social media can have positive effects—Gottsman encourages people to share good things about your partner online—it might also be distracting or breed distrust. Often, says Arthur, affairs can start with harmless online communication, but the ease of social media is a slippery slope. What's the solution? Should couples share passwords? Find out by listening to the full episode below, and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes. If you have an issue in your marriage that we should discuss in a future episode, email TLOLPodcast@gmail.com.