Advice from a married couple who’s been there, done that.

August 30, 2016

There’s nothing that elicits sympathy quite like telling someone you’re about to enter a long distance relationship. They act concerned, ask—in hushed tones—if he or she has “gone yet,” and delicately inquire about how you two are doing. But sometimes an LDR is a necessity—maybe one of you is going away for graduate school, or a great career opportunity. That’s what happened to Real Simple’s Adulthood Made Easy podcast host Sam Zabell, so she sought out the help of two long distance relationship veterans: Executive Editor Laura Schocker and her husband, John Templon. The couple spent two years in a long distance relationship early on—seven years later, they’re married (and living in the same place!). Here are four of their best tips for making the distance work. (You can listen to the whole podcast—and subscribe—here.)

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