Frequent check-ins with your partner may improve relationship satisfaction.

Sitting down for an annual performance review with your boss can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable—still regular reviews in your personal life could enhance relationship satisfaction. In fact, a growing number of marriage therapists are recommending it to couples, according to a widely-shared article in The Wall Street Journal.

On this week’s episode of “The Labor of Love,” editor Lori Leibovich speaks with Kathlyn Hendricks, a relationship coach, psychologist, and co-author of the upcoming book Conscious Loving Ever After, and Dr. Rebecca M. Chory, a professor in the College of Business at Frostburg State University who studies negative feedback in the workplace, about how partners can use formal check-ins to strengthen their bond.

Why should couples give them a try? Regardless of the context, everyone wants to be treated with respect, feel validated, and be put at ease. Hendricks suggests scheduling two weekly meetings—one to sort out any issues with household management and another to discuss more intimate issues. In both situations, she recommends starting off with positive feedback, and then continuing with any concerns.

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