Because sometimes people need a little help finding closure.

By Samantha Zabell
Updated November 20, 2015
Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Breaking up has never been simple, and social media has made everything infinitely more difficult—"goodbye" is never really the end. You can see your ex's brunch on Instagram, where she spent last Friday night on Facebook, or what he's thinking about on Twitter. People use plenty of lines to soothe you or help you cope—"jump back on the horse" or "time heals all wounds"—but perhaps the most important rule is: "Don't Facebook stalk."

Recent research has linked Facebook stalking—you know, those hours you spend late at night scrolling through your ex's tagged photos and wall posts—to longer periods of distress. But quitting cold turkey is harder than it looks, and now Facebook is stepping in to help (digitally) mend broken hearts.

According to a press release from Facebook's newsroom, their new tools will only work if you have your relationship status included on your Facebook profile. Once you go from "in a relationship" to "single," Facebook will prompt you to "See Less" of your ex on Facebook, ensuring he or she no longer shows up on your newsfeed and that you're no longer prompted to tag him or her in photos (because every little reminder of your ex can set you back). You can also limit what your ex sees on your profile, by limiting or hiding your posts from his or her timeline. Finally, you can untag yourself from couple photos.

The best part: Instead of searching for these tools hidden deep within a settings menu, you'll be immediately taken through the Facebook breakup process as soon as you change your status—and you can edit these options anytime. The tool is currently being tested on Facebook mobile within the U.S. This new functionality, coupled with today's release of Adele's cathartic album, "25," should make breakups much easier.