A new survey says the presidential campaign is having a surprising negative effect on relationships. 

By Brigitt Earley
Updated November 07, 2016
Ryan McVay/Getty Images

Feeling stressed—or even sick—over the upcoming election? Perhaps you've even considered fleeing the country until the results are in? Well, according to a new survey, you can blame all that angst for one more thing—turns out, Americans seem to be having less sex this election season.

The survey, conducted by the fertility tracking app Kindara, analyzed data, including recent sexual history and frequency, input by 928 female U.S. citizens who used the platform for a span of 10 days (October 21-31, 2016) during the 2016 presidential campaign. Although the results are only based on a select portion of the population who use the app (meaning they don't necessarily represent the country as a whole), 19 percent of Democrats said the election was having a negative impact on their sex lives. Interestingly, just 9 percent of Republicans said the presidential race was encroaching on their activity in the bedroom.

Some women said they would even think about delaying pregnancy based on the election results. Of those who would consider waiting to conceive, 56 percent were democrats and 18 percent were republicans.

As if it weren't already obvious, this year's candidates are particularly polarizing. Only 16 percent of Republicans reported having partners with different party affiliations, while 33 percent of Democrats said their partner has loyalty to another political party.

But it's not all bad news. Should the election results skew in favor of your party, your libido may return: Nearly a quarter of women surveyed said good economic news positively affects their sex lives.

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