6 Fun Road Trip Games for Adults

Make time fly by faster than that maniac in the left lane with these road trip games to play with your partner, friends, or any other grownups you bring on your next adventure.

Road trips are fun—at least, in theory. But after a couple of hours of music, podcasts, and "I'm just going to take a quick nap while you drive," things can quickly turn boring. That's when you need to resurrect that good ol' standby: road trip games. While "I Spy" may have kept your attention when you were young—impressive, given that you had the attention span of a goldfish—these games up the ante a bit. Here are the best road trip games for adults.

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Spin a Story From the Past

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Think of this as: "Who can lie better?" Essentially, one player begins by telling a story about their past, and the other person has to say whether they are telling the truth or spinning a tale. Each player gets two follow-up questions, then it's time to guess. Every correct guess is two points. First player to 10 wins. (Loser has to reveal a super embarrassing story.)

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Riff Off

While the traditional license plate game involves finding a plate from each of the 50 states (yawn), this competition involves finding a license plate with random letters and creating a word with those letters. (So if the license plate is YMT23, you could say Yosemite.)

Think of it like Road Trip Scrabble—but instead of taking turns, just yell when you see one and come up with a word. The other person can challenge you by creating a longer word with those same letters. To up the stakes, stipulate that the letters have to be in the exact order to make the word, and can't be scrambled. Two extra points for those who spot a vanity plate. The winner is the first one to reach 10 points.

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Explain a Movie Plot Badly

This party game also works when you're trapped in a car. One of you thinks of a movie and then explains the plot in a way that is both factual but also terrible. Then, the other person has to guess. If they guess correctly, they get a point. If they don't, you get a point. Our favorite: "Girl can't commit. Loses cat." (Yep, Breakfast at Tiffany's!)

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Essentially the Same Movie

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In another film-related game, a person starts by naming a movie. The next person has to name another movie that has the same basic plot. (Think: Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful, or No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits.) Players continue to take turns naming flicks with essentially the same narrative. Keep going until someone gets stumped. The last person to come up with a film that fits wins.

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Radio Roulette

This is essentially a game of Name That Tune. Flip among stations (presets work best), and let it play for 15 seconds. The other person has to name the artist and name of the song. One point for each. Bonus point round: Name the album. First one to reach 15 points wins.

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Mad Libs

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If you're tired of this "pre-technology" exercise, whip out the smartphone and download Adult Mad Libs. It's a classic for a reason. Everyone yells out the requested parts of speech, then someone reads the story out loud.

That's it. You're welcome. Drive safe.

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