Any of these too-cute quirks sound familiar?

By Erika Janes
Updated January 04, 2018
Nico Kai/Getty Images

We all have our little quirks—sweet and endearing habits that help make us unique. And one of the best parts of any romantic partnership is the process of learning about—and loving—those quirks. But let’s be honest: Sometimes, especially after the blissful getting-to-know-you stage is over, those idiosyncrasies cross from endearing to annoying. Here are five things your partner may do that he probably thinks are adorable but actually annoy the heck out of you. Do any of these sound familiar?

Nico Kai/Getty Images


Sharing is caring, right? Except when it comes to ice cream. Or cheeseburgers. Or anything else that you’re eating that he just wants teensy a bite of—especially when his “bite” results in roughly half of your burger disappearing down his gullet. Get your own, buddy.


Can we all agree that this is just the worst? Or, um, the wuust? Nicknames, pet names, sweet little sayings—they’re all good, as long as they’re spoken in his “big boy” voice.


Getting final say on every decision may be a control-freak’s dream—and it’s certainly better than being left out of every big move or having to fight about it—but frankly, always being the one to make decisions, from which plumber to hire to what to make for dinner, can be a mental drag. A little input is nice now and then.


Every couple needs a cooling off period after a spat, and it’s important for your partner to have a general sense of what yours is. When he offers up a cutesy faux-apology like, “Have I told you I love you?” before you’re ready, it’s actually not cute, it’s annoying. Hey, you still need some time to fume! And when you are ready, a heartfelt “I’m sorry” is always the better approach.


Yes, you’re a modern woman and happy that your partner does his share of the cleaning and straightening up, whether it falls into the “yours, mine, or ours” category, so you’re Not. Going. To. Mention the fact that when he put the towels away, he shoved them onto the linen closet shelf in a messy heap. Nope, not gonna mention it. And cleaning out your car? Swoon…that is, until you get halfway to wherever it is you’re going and realize that you don’t have that thing you need—that thing that was in the car—because of said cleaning.