5 Reasons Why We Love Our Best Friends

To celebrate National Best Friends Day the Real Simple staff revealed the best part about having a BFF.


They Know You Better Than Anyone Else

Photo by Amy Frank

“It’s especially great when your friendship began before you were adults. There’s nothing better than having a confidant who has been there with you through all the best (and worst) times in both of your lives.” —Amy Frank, senior news video editor (pictured here with her best friend Gillian)


They’re Your Cheerleader

Photo by Brandi Broxson

“You need someone to be your advocate and tell you to go for the raise, move to the new city, or try the haircut you’ve been nervous about getting. I’m so grateful for her.” —Brandi Broxson, articles editor (pictured here with her best friend Cathy)


They’re There to Pick Us Up When We’re Down

Photo by Muzam Agha

“She’s there for me without judgment and through the really cool happy times and most certainly through the darker or tougher times. But the best is our ability to make each other laugh no matter what the situation.” —Muzam Agha, contributing photo editor (pictured here with his best friend Yassmina)


They Teach Us to Be Better

Photo by Hannah Norling

“She’s taught me how to be a better person and a better friend. As we mature and change we still love each other just the same. I think there’s something really special about that.” —Hannah Norling, assistant producer (pictured here with her best friend Taylor)


They Help You Grow Up

Photo by Liz Steelman

“I have learned that there is something incredible about having a person that grounds you to the person you were while you were becoming an adult. Lizzie has been such a stabilizing force throughout my teens and twenties and has taught me that it’s a choice to have a lifelong friendship.” —Liz Steelman, editorial assistant (pictured here with her best friend Lizzie)