You'll be surprised at how sophisticated popsicle sticks can look. 

Whether bought by the dozen at the craft store or left over from ice pops eaten on hot summer days, popsicle sticks are a happy reminder of the summer season. Easy to come by and (almost) free, it’s no wonder these humble wooden sticks have become a common supply for camp crafts and summer DIYs. Over time, the crafts have evolved, and bloggers today are using this unassuming item in some surprisingly sophisticated projects. The ombre planter and wooden phone stand featured on our list of favorite projects may bear no resemblance to the crafts we cobbled together as kids, but they still have the nostalgic quality of a material that reminds us of our childhoods. And for the little ones, the classic popsicle stick house gets a modern makeover, and a printed photo transforms a pile of popsicle sticks into a fun puzzle for car rides. Better start licking some ice pops, because you’re going to want to make more than one of these brilliant projects.

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