See the other dog breeds that topped the most popular list for 2015.

By Sarah Yang
Updated February 22, 2016
Yellow Labrador
Credit: GlobalP/Getty Images

For the 25th year in a row, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular purebred dog in America, according to just-released rankings from the American Kennel Club. That’s the longest any breed has ever topped the list. The AKC reveals this list each year based on registration data.

The beloved Lab better watch out, though, because some other dogs are gaining popularity. “The versatile, lovable Lab has firmly planted its paw print in AKC’s history,” AKC Vice President Gina DiNardo said in a statement. “But keep your eye on the French Bulldog. The Frenchie has risen 32 spots over the past decade and shows no signs of stopping.” The rankings for the top 5 stayed the same from last year, but the French Bulldog jumped from No. 9 to No. 6, while the Boxer went from No. 8 to No. 10.

The AKC also compiled data on common breeds by city and most popular coat color by breed. When looking at major U.S. cities, they found that Labrador Retrievers were the post popular breed in 56 percent of states and German Shepherds were next with the majority in 19 percent of states. By coat color, the Yellow Lab, Brindle French Bulldog, Fawn & White Bulldog, Black Poodle, Black & Tan Dachshund, and Fawn Boxer were all popular.

See the top 10 below and head to the AKC’s website to check out the full list:

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. German Shepherd
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Bulldog
  5. Beagle
  6. French Bulldog
  7. Yorkshire Terrier
  8. Poodle
  9. Rottweiler
  10. Boxer