6 Tech Pet Products You Never Knew You Needed

Animal lovers rejoice! These state-of-the-art accessories are perfect for your 21st-century pal.


Furbo Dog Camera

Photo by shopus.furbo.com

This all-in-one unit will allow pet-lovers to see what their animal gets up to while they are away and reward them by tossing a treat. If your pup barks, the app sends an alert so you can see what’s going on or talk to him through the machine and calm him down.

To buy: $139, furbo.com.


Dyson V6 Top Dog Vacuum

Photo by dyson.com

Between the fur they shed and the muddy paws that soil the floor, man’s best friend can occasionally leave behind quite a mess. Clean it up in no time flat with this powerful cord-free handheld vacuum.

To buy: $230, dyson.com.


Cat2See Kit

Photo by cat2see.com

Working late but still want to give your feline some attention? This modular set will allow you to see her through the camera, give her food using the automated dispenser, and even tease her with her favorite feather toy attached to the rod holder.

To buy: from $169, cat2see.com.


Casper Dog Bed

Photo by casper.com

The bed-in-a-box brand has expanded their line to now offer your four-legged friend a good night’s sleep as well. Let her snooze atop this comfortable foam bed that is topped with a durable, machine-washable cover. Available in three colors and three sizes.

To buy: from $125, casper.com.


Squeaker Buddy GPS Illuminating Dog Collar

Photo by squeakerdogs.com

A waterproof fitness tracker and an LED illuminated collar combine for an all-in-one technological accessory for your pup. Open the app on your phone to find his vitals listed (like current temperature) and even how many miles from home he is. Turn on the lights when he’s free-running in the park at night or while on a walk near the street.

To buy: $180, Pre-order on indigogo.com.


The Odin Dog Toy

Photo by updogtoys.com

Challenge your pooch by filling this angular toy with treats for him to discover. Connect up to three at once to up the ante.

To buy: $23 each, updogtoys.com.