Caring for Fluffy and Fido has never been easier.
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We're not saying we're lazy pet owners, but if there are ways to make caring for our beloved fur babies easier, why not try them, right? With pet water fountains, timed pet food dispensers, and effortless pooper scoopers taking care of the dirty work for us, we can spend more time and energy on the fun stuff, like walks, games of fetch, and snuggles. Here are five pet products worth investing in that will make being a pet owner so much easier.

pet food dispenser with 5 meals
Credit: Petco

Timed Pet Food Dispenser


If your pup has a designated dinner time, chances are they don't care if you accidentally scheduled a virtual meeting for the same time. The solution: a timed pet food dispenser that provides Fido with a perfectly portioned dinner. This pet feeder lets you pre-program up to five meals.

Cat drinking out of pet water fountainer
Credit: Kittyspring

Pet Water Fountain


Cats often don't drink enough water—and they can be sensitive about getting their whiskers wet when drinking out of a bowl. To keep these fickle creatures happy and hydrated, order a pet water fountain designed just for them. The shallow dish is whisker-friendly, while the non-slip base means playful cats can't knock it over. The best part: there's a built-in water reservoir, so you can refill it less often. 

self-cleaning litter box with cat
Credit: Amazon

Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Nowadays, there are even high-tech robotic litter boxes that do the scooping for you (yes, really). But if you're looking for a more affordable alternative, check out this self-cleaning litter box. Instead of scooping every single day, this electronic option rakes away clumps, so you only need to empty it once every few weeks. 

Note: You'll need to use a specific type of crystal litter, and reviewers recommend replacing the disposable tray with a durable, reusable tray. 

hands-free pooper scooper
Credit: Petco

The Best Pooper Scooper


Picking up after your pooch may be one of the least pleasant pet owner chores, but this pooper scooper makes it easier (and less gross). With an extended arm, this tool makes the task hands-free and means you won't have to bend down. 

programmable pet door
Credit: PetSmart

A Programmable Pet Door


Want your cat to be let outside at 5 a.m., but don't want to get out of bed? Invest in a smart pet door. It will make sure your pets are safe inside all night, and lets you program what time they're set free in the morning.